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Logic Gone Sane

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The sense of comic strips

Next Week On

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Kristian Williams continues to explore the cloudy world of Garth Ennis' aerial warfare stories; Sean Michael Robinson talks to attorneys on both sides of the obscenity case of an Idaho schoolteacher imprisoned for possession of sexually explicit cartoon parodies of The Simpsons; R.C. Harvey stakes out Secret Agent Corrigan; Rob Clough tackles Anders Nislen’s Big Questions and John Brodowski's Curio Cabinet; a new Latin American blog by Jesse Tangen-Mills; and much more! From Hellblazer #71: written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Steve Dillon. @1993 DC Comics links January 15 — January 21

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Rob Clough on World War III and Borderland. Marc Sobel on reading comics with your Android phone. Part 1 (Seth's Palookaville #20)and Part 2 (Jason Lutes' Berlin #17) of Rob Clough's 3-part series on Drawn & Quarterly's recent single issues. R.C. Harvey continues his survey of fall's comic strips with Brett Koth's Diamond Lil. Rich Kreiner's Minis Monday: The Widow Reminisces Over a Plate of Vegetables, Mimi’s Doughnut Zine #19: Health Nathan Wilson reviews The Rat Catcher by Andy Diggle and Victor Ibanez R. Fiore on Doug Wright Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (of 6) of Kristian Williams' examination of Garth Ennis' aerial combat comics. R. C. Harvey contends that Chip Dunham (Overboard) can't draw well enough to get across his gags. Shaenon Garrity delineates her choices for the Best Online Comics Criticism 2010. Sean Michael Robinson talked to both lawyers after Idaho school teacher Steven Kutzner was sentenced for possession of “Obscene” images of Simpsons characters. Roland Kelts takes a look at The Anime Contents Expo (ACE), which was formed by Japanese anime, manga and toy companies boycotting Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF) in the wake of Bill 156,

The Opposite of Progress

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My parents had favorite productions of Hamlet. I have favorite seasons of The Simpsons.

In Praise of Saul Steinberg

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At HU, Caroline Small looks at sequence in the work of Saul Steinberg.

Garth Ennis’s Knights of the Sky, Part Three: Dan Dare: “We always fight squalid little men like you.”

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Given the cruel satire of The Phantom Eagle, and the sober drama of "Condors," it may be surprising to find Ennis idealizing, well, anything. But he is nevertheless willing to engage in some myth-making of his own. Dan Dare (another resuscitated old-school comics hero) practically embodies the notions of courage, decency, fairness, mercy, moral resolve, and good sense — fortuitously unified with natural leadership, personal charisma, fighting skill, and rugged good looks. Plus, he's an astronaut — and an Englishman. "He's a British hero," Ennis writes, "An English hero, by God, in a time when such characters are few and far between."

Anime/Manga Porn Battle Heats Up in Japan

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The battle in Japan over pornography censorship Bill 156 is intensifying. Last month, media companies Kadokawa Group Publishing and Animate jointly announced they would take their wares away from Gov. Ishihara's Tokyo Anime Fair and host their own simultaneous event, "The Anime Contents Expo." Several other major publishers and producers are joining them.

THE PANELISTS: Jonah Hex Part 1

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Craig on the bloody virtues of DC's JONAH HEX comic.

Sean Michael Robinson: Idaho School Teacher Sentenced for Possession of “Obscene” Images of Simpsons Characters

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On Jan. 18, former Idaho middle-school-teacher Steven Kutzner was sentenced by Judge Edward J. Lodge to 15 months in federal prison for the “Possession of Obscene Visual Representation of the Sexual Abuse of Children,” having pleaded guilty to the charge Oct. 13. His prison term is to be followed by three years of Supervised Release, mandatory sex offender treatment, and a host of other strictures on his movements and activities.

Best Online Comics Criticism of 2010

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Okay, this happened because last year some dudes did a list of the best online comics criticism, and a bunch of nitpickers whined that it didn’t include anything about manga or anything by women.  So for 2010 they came up

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