Angora Napkin reviewed by Bernard C. Cormier

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IDW, 152 pp.,  $19.99, B&W (and blue), Hardcover, ISBN: 9781600103391

After the success of Chiaroscuro, Prince Edward Island-based Canadian cartoonist Troy Little continues his output of comics with the adventures of an all-girl rock band named Angora Napkin. The group’s a trio consisting of a dreadfully skinny and mostly silent drummer (Mallory) and a couple of high-strung girls (Beatrice and Molly) filling the guitarist and bassist roles.

The bulk of the book revolves around an All Hallows Eve party for monsters and dead people that the girls get invited to. As weird as that may sound, conflict spices things up when they unintentionally inspire a ghoul named Dennis to kill all living people to save them(!).

Yes, that’s a bit of a misstep. However, it gets “better” when Dennis possesses Beatrice and uses rock n’ roll to spread a pro-death message to the masses.

The Patriotic Canadian part of me would love to say that it’s a fabulous book … if it would be one. Sadly, it’s not.

It’s a dark “comedic” book with characters, both major and minor, killing each other. They don’t appear to value life even if they try to make Dennis reconsider his plans. A somewhat redeeming element of the main story is the anti-censorship angle that suddenly appears towards its conclusion.

As bonuses, three extra Angora Napkin stories are included. The first two originally appeared in Chiaroscuro# 5 and 7, respectively. The other one is a previously unpublished story by Angora Napkin co-creator Nick Cross. Also included is an introduction by John Kricfalusi (Ren and Stimpy).

Apparently, Angora Napkin may become an animated cartoon for Canadian TV specialty channel Teletoon. If that happens, I hope that it’s better than this book and I’m seriously hoping that Mr. Little’s projects are better in the future.

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