“Birdland Reconsidered”: Part Four (of Five)

Posted by on December 4th, 2009 at 12:01 AM

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Birdland Second Two

Following Fritz’s revelation is a confusing but brilliant section in which the reader is meant to experience a series of visions under hypnosis.  To enhance this trance-like effect, the storytelling is primarily silent and jumps randomly throughout time and space.  While fascinating on the one hand, these final 24 pages are also the most confusing and difficult in the entire book.

The second section is structured into three seemingly unrelated scenes, like a series of disjointed wet dreams, silent and surreal, profound and enigmatic.  The sustained assault of sexual content overwhelms this section, and the meaning is difficult to decipher even after multiple readings, yet once understood, the whole book coalesces into something far more satisfying than just a pornographic fantasy.

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