Angoulême – Strike at L’Association

Posted by on January 27th, 2011 at 11:55 AM

Walking around the festival makes me feel that nothing much has changed (I’ve been coming to the Angoulême festival for eight years in a row…), but entering the New York tent (where all the “alternative” publishers are gathered), a great surprise was waiting for the visitors: the booth for L’Association, the engine behind much of the rejuvenation of the French Comics culture the last two decades or so, was closed due to the personnel being on strike. A leaflet handed out liberally all over the festival explained that this was due to three out of seven employees being fired, without the personnel being fully informed why this was done, seeing as the economy of the publisher seems sound.

If this is another sign of the dwindling importance of L’Association, or just another example of the French urgency to strike at any given moment, only time will tell.

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