A Few Beauts

Posted by on September 15th, 2010 at 8:17 AM

Abandoning, for the nonce, any pretext at thematic unity for this installment of Hare Tonic, we ponder an assortment of strips that attracted my attention for one reason or another, wholly unrelated. For instance, these:

(If the image is too small to read—which, for most of us, it is—the recommended procedure is to click on the image and it enlarges. For some inexplicable and presumably temporary reason, when you do that here, you and the picture are merely transported to another plane, where the picture resides more-or-less alone, same size as before; but if you click on it again, there, it’ll get much larger—large enough, usually, to read. Try it: you’ll like it.)

In Non Sequitur, Wiley Miller betrays one of his roots in political cartooning. Years ago when devising Non Sequitur, he chose the title because he intended that “nothing would follow”: rather than a sequence of continuity in narrative or character, he aimed for single-shot comedy. The same philosophy permits him to leap from social satire to political commentary, as we see here.

But he has also, lately, run sequences that tell stories. Still, the title “Non Sequitur” permits this sort of freewheeling nonchalance.

Tundra is here because of my affinity for rabbits. No other reason

But our sample of Zits is here for a reason.

This is another instance of Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman exploiting the nature of their medium: only in a comic strip could this gag, a stunning blend of words and pictures, be achieved.

Below that, a back-handed tribute to Cathy as Cathy Guisewite’s strip approaches its demise—perverse, I ween, but we’ve grown to expect perversity from Stephan Pastis in Pearls.

Then, finally, a little verbal gymnastics, beginning with this Classic Peanuts:

All his life, Charles Schulz harbored a bad memory of school, it would seem. Sally hates it, and Peppermint Patty, talented in many non-academic ways, can’t make any headway in the classroom at all. Surely, they speak for Sparky—or, at least, for his memory of schooling. And this gag is a champion hilarity rouser.

Jef Mallett, in contrast to Schulz, is fond of school and its denizens. And fonder yet of odd phrases and strangely insightful uses of language, to which his characters, particularly Caulfield, frequently fall prey to fomenting in Mallett’s Frazz.

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2 Responses to “A Few Beauts”

  1. WLLilly says:

    I think that I may have missed that PBS , so , esopecially if so , thank you for bringing that too my attention .
    Do you use black and whiter physical paper clippings as your source fo repros , RC ? It seems like you do .
    ( This is where I live . Therefore , since that is the one daily-newspaper-with-comics I see with any regularity , that is what I am going to tend to cite , even if perhaps dispalying a ” pseudo-jorrnalistic “/book report tendency to say what newspaper I saw it in . Therefore………)
    The San Francisco Chronicle changed its dailies 100% to color maybe six months ago , including PBS , which I assume to be ” truly ” intended for color/done with color in forefront , since it appears on the Web that was (unlike Candorville) .
    As I said before?? the Non Sequiter daily I saw with the old man commenting about Googling ” We called it something else in my day ” seemed , somehow , to be based in a joke about mastubration…” self-indulgence ” – and perhaps somewhat watered down by the sundicate’s Standards & Practices .

  2. WLLilly says:

    …Since I guuess your Mort Walker post’s Comments are now closed down I’ll deal with scrathing my chronic lateness here…
    I saw the Caroon Art Museum exibit t’other day meself…Certainly good…
    I forget how exactly how many modern-day strips , which bear the credit ” ( IIRC ) ” Greg and MORT WALKER ” were up if any at all…
    Someone else at the exibit was wondering if Walker was still alive , I was able to inform him of the correct answer…
    I would have liked to see something about the Beetle Bailey comic books , even bothe the vintage ones and the present-day Swedish ones but I realize that that’s not quite full ” Mort Walker ” , of course , more the Walker Shop…
    Speaking of other artists that ” 90s animation cel ” of Beetle and Sarge…what production was that from ?
    It had a KFS ” official ” stamp upon it , like other ” manufactured collectible ” ” cels ” they were a lot of about that time…Was it ever even intended to be used for anything , let alone if it ever was ?
    Thise 30s strips by Walker about the seafarers by Walker were interesting…Were they published in his school newspaper or something ? How many survive ?
    The strip introducing Lt. Flap , which you greatly praised in your noted for the interview ( And I’m not disagreeing with you praising it . ) uses what I suppose could be seen as an early variant spelling of the then-new ( now dated ) slang phrase ” honky ” , before it became standardized…That King promo ad for Beetle’s Army enlistment shows that 50s marketers of strips were using the ” You need something for THIS demo , THAT one…” argument then , too , even if they didn’t use ” demo ” then !