A Few Choice Examples of the Cartooning Arts

Posted by on September 27th, 2010 at 8:46 AM

We celebrated Mark Tatulli’s deft brush and graphic imagination a few postings ago in introducing our Zombie Week festivities (a blood sport, you might say). Tatulli’s expertise, both pictorial and comedic, goes considerably beyond transforming the characters in his Heart of the City into the undead. Here, for example, is another instance of his adopting a rendering style suitable to his story:

In fact, without the chalk-like lines of these strips, Tatulli’s story would make much less sense. While drawing pictures on the sidewalk with chalk, Heart and Dean wonder what it might be like to “enter” the world of their chalked pictures. And so they do, as we see above.

But they want to escape, and to that end, pursue a wormhole that leads to a gateway to the “real world,” as we see here:

Tatulli’s chalky-looking lines melt in the rain, and Heart and Dean return to their normal world—and their normal appearance. The entire sequence, and the concluding comedy, would evaporate without the drawing style Tatulli adopted for this episode.

On Sundays, he often pushes against the confines of the comic strip grid, as he does here, following an action-packed, wordless sequence with a picture of exhaustion that takes its visual emphasis from the long languid stretch of the last panel across the bottom of the strip.

And then, on another recent Sunday, Tatulli emerges as a poet of both layout and lyric.

A purely delicious Sunny Funday.

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