A Kid of the ’30s Looks Back from the ’70s

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Gahan Wilson did a monthly series called Nuts that National Lampoon ran during the 1970s. The modern nostalgia boom was underway, and since the period’s middle-aged had been born in the 1920s and 1930s, Depression-era pop culture was getting another run for its money. That included Golden Age comics, here presented as a sort of anti-Establishment, “adults don’t get it” touchstone. Not that the freaky heads and post-hippie intellectuals who read and wrote National Lampoon necessarily cared so much about newsstand comics. (Roy Thomas would come downstairs from Marvel to join in Foto Funnies shoots, but Henry Beard couldn’t process the idea that someone had already done a Deadman.) Maybe it was more of an enemy-of-my-enemy thing.

Anyway, my thanks to Comic Book Artist for reprinting the strips below in its April 2003 issue. No info on when they first ran; CBA got them from a 1979 book collection of the strip.

© 2003 Gahan Wilson

© 2003 Gahan Wilson

The cover of the book collection. Okay, kid, bye. Yeah, see ya.

© 2003 Gahan Wilson

Daily proverb. One friend is enough. Or anyway it had better be.

Stan says. The fury of the flame tower is unleashed – in Conan #34!

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2 Responses to “A Kid of the ’30s Looks Back from the ’70s”

  1. Kristy Valenti says:

    FYI, Fanta will be reprinting these. Should be out by SDCC 2011.

  2. Tom Crippen says:

    Way to go!