Amid the Tumult and the Shouting: Part the Second

Posted by on April 26th, 2010 at 2:20 PM

While Tiger Woods was putting around and the Pontiff was procrastinating, Other Events were busy transpiring, and a phalanx of American editorial cartooners were kibitzing and taking pot shots. Here are a couple.  (Click on image to enlarge.)

Joel Pett’s starkly contrasting panels make the case for our national negligence blatantly obvious; ditto John Cole’s panels comparing drops in the bucket and spitting in the ocean to the extent to which individual citizen’s payment of income tax will relieve the national debt. Sharp, biting stuff. The comedy arises with our appreciation of the ingenuity of the visual devices.

Metaphors are again at work in our next sample.

Gary Varvel’s image of a train running out of trestle couldn’t be more apt. And there’s a lot of drawing there, too! Varvel came to work that day. Incidentally, we could fix the Social Security problem by increasing withholding tax by a fraction of a cent, so little that no one would notice; but we aren’t likely to do that any time soon because congressmen must run for re-election, and “increasing taxes” is an expression none of them will ever let through their lips. Nick Anderson’s think tank is a beaut, and it achieves two objectives: first, it translates the expression “think tank” into a destructive, intimidating institution; second, it shows what conservative think tanks accomplish—crushing independent thought.

And before we leave the Pope to his various muling machinations and ruminations, here’s the best cartoon I’ve seen on the subject.

Kevin “Kal” Kallaugher, long-time cartoonist for The Economist, manages both hilarity and a fragment of truth in the same succession of images. The last panel kills me.

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