Andrew Farago on Multimedia Popeye

Posted by on August 14th, 2010 at 5:08 AM

Andrew Farago, the curator of the Cartoon Art Museum, talks about Popeye in film and cartoons, as well as the original comicstrip.

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One Response to “Andrew Farago on Multimedia Popeye”

  1. patford says:

    Popeye doesn’t interest me in any form with the exception of the Segar strips. When it comes to Altman I prefer “Three Women” or any other film he’s made. You would think Feiffer would have been the ideal choice to write the script, but the film doesn’t capture anything of Segar’s Popeye. Maybe the problem was the millstone like presence of Robin Williams.
    The Fleischer cartoons are head and shoulders above any of the others cartoon versions, but like Altman’s film have almost nothing in common with Segar, and anyone who would care if they ever saw one again, probably hasn’t seen them.
    Segar’s strip on the other hand is better than just about anything, comics or otherwise. When it comes to funny it’s the limit. There are other things as funny, but they’re all at the top of the mountain.