Angoulême – Signings

Posted by on January 30th, 2011 at 5:44 AM

OK, so time for a bit of self indulgence… Yesterday was a very good day, in several aspects. I spent the day representing Sweden in meetings with people from various countries, discussing ideas of cooperations, exhibitions, anthologies in several “foreign” languages and so on. A lot of things have been set in motion and we will see what bears fruit in the next few years.
On a more personal level, I had signing sessions at the tables of my two French publishers, which was a very agreeable experience. Both publishers informed me that respective book was almost sold out, which is good for the Images Noire that was published a year ago and spectacular for La Propagande that was published just a few months ago.
Other than that, the discussions among the Swedish group here focuses a lot on the sentencing two days ago of a Swedish manga translator for possession of drawn images deemed as child pornography. I’ll get back to that subject at lenght when I’m back home again next week.
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