Anniversary Waltzes

Posted by on June 18th, 2010 at 8:49 AM

On June 12, Over the Hedge passed the 15-year marker. Created by Michael Fry and T (no period because that’s so ordinary) Lewis, who draws it, the strip, appearing in 250 newspapers, examines suburban life from the perspective of the animals who lived there first when the locale was all woodsy and bushy. Said Lewis in a syndicate press release announcing the anniversary: “If 12-year old T Lewis could have known what the grown-up T Lewis would get to do, his mind would’ve melted. From bringing Mike’s words to life, to joining in the lives of RJ and Verne and Hammy, to nudging black and white lines together to create a unique world, working on Over the Hedge has daily been a childhood—and adulthood—dream come true.”

But for longevity these days, nothing beats 9 Chickweed Lane’s current continuity, which is setting a modern-day record of sorts:  Brooke McEldowney has been telling a continuing story about Edda’s grandmother’s World War II romance since early November 2009. And the story is still unfolding. That’s seven months and counting. No continuity strip in recent times has performed a stunt like this. Most syndicates insist that their continuity strips (Judge Parker, Mary Worth, Rex Morgan, Spider-Man, and a few others) regale us with stories no longer than, say, six weeks. Bravo, Brooke. Not only is your story long, but it’s fascinating.

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