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Christmas is still raging, bells are jingling, Christmas food leftovers are all over the fridge and all is well. One of the Christmas presents I got this year was a copy of the last issue for 2010 of Bild & Bubbla, the world’s second oldest magazine about comics (it has been published continually since 1968…). I have not been the editor all of those years (but for quite a lot of them) and I still get exited when a new issue arrives, smelling sweet of fresh printing ink.

As usual, I have tried to make sure that this issue not only shows the comics culture of today, but also encompasses all aspects of this lively art. The cover was made by the inimitable Liv Strömquist, who with her pedagogical, satirical, feminist contemplations is one of the best-sellers of Swedish comics in the 21st century. She is also featured in a lengthy interview and a special colour comic, which will change the way you view the character Barbapapa forever…

This issue also contains an exhaustive interview with Mattias Elftorp about his career in general and his magnum opus, the post-apocalyptic, semi-autobiographical, deeply political, Sci-fi epic Piracy is Liberation. Elftorp has also contributed with a special six-page comic, which summarizes much of his career.

The sketch-book section in this issue is filled with images from the pen of the Danish artist Sussi Bech, most well-known for Nofret, an adventure comics in the classical European album format, drawn in the ligne claire-style made famous by Hergé (The Adventures of Tintin).

Add to this an article about the American Robert Crumb, an interview with Swedish artist Karolina Bång, an article about the DC/Vertigo character John Contanstine (Hellblazer), more news, reviews and so on – and it’s another fact-filled, eye-opening, image-heavy trip into the world of comics.

Oh, and did I mention that we have also secured a specially made, four-page comic by critics’ favourite Emelie Östergren on the subject of why she chose comics as her means of artistic expression? A comic which will knock your socks off!

And yes, despite the language used here, our magazine is still published in Swedish.

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