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Posted by on June 14th, 2010 at 8:33 AM

Just a momentary lapse of reality on Sunday, May 23. Look at these two strips, published, just like you see them here, with John McPherson’s Close to Home atop Dan Piraro’s Bizarro, in my neighborhood Denver Post.

Okay, nothing earth-shattering, no doubt. But if you examine closely, with a newt-cleansed eye, the two splash panels, it seems that the chimp in Bizarro is responding to the Close to Home character in the center of the O by imitating his gesture. Sort of. Just what you might expect a monkey to do. Or a bizarro. Whatever.

See what a strange world a lover of newspaper comic strips lives in?

My Culpa: Yes, Paul Jon—I did screw up. And Amy Lago, comics editor at Washington Post Writers Group, was even faster than you were to tell me. On Hare Tonic for June 9, I snottily blustered that Jon’s Fort Knox, while commemorating D-Day on May 30 and June 3, missed the actual date, June 6. Well, phooey. My bad. I was relying on the pictures Lago sent me with the news release, reading too hastily the release itself. I posted the cartoons for May 30 and June 3 and missed a few syllables in accompanying text that would have told me, had I read it, that actually “Paul Jon did a series on D-Day that started on May 30 and ran through the exact anniversary date, June 6.” Moreover, Amy tells me, “You can view them all at .” Now, I hope that clears that up.

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  1. PaulJon says:

    Bob, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Much thanks and I owe you a hug at the next Reubens.