BL Roundtable: Conclusions: Men Doing Makeouts

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Previously: Opening shots by Shaenon Garrity, Noah Berlatsky and Kinukitty; Sidebar by Dirk Deppey; and conclusions by Berlatsky, Kinukitty and Deppey.

I feel like I said my piece in my initial essay, but I just want to agree with Kinukitty on one crucial point: Weiss Kreuz really does suck.  I’d like to see an academic paper on the phenomenon of crappy properties that inspire insanely devoted and creative fandoms; there are a ton of webcomics like that, too, and you can argue that Twilight falls into that category for a significant portion of its fans.  It’s like the poor quality of the original work, rather than turning fans off, inspires them to even greater heights of devotion as they try to repair its flaws while retaining whatever tiny, buried seed of interest drew them to it in the first place.  It’s kind of inspiring.

From Kizuna: Bonds of Love Vol. 5

Beyond that, it’s interesting how personal some of these responses ended up becoming.  Any discussion of sex fantasies is bound to get personal, I guess; even in the Boys’ Love book, several of the papers sort of degenerate into “How I Discovered Yaoi and Realized It’s Awesome.”  That’s one of the things that interests me about BL; being porn, it’s just as important for how it gets “used” by readers as it is as a work in its own right.  That’s why these crazy communities spring up around BL; fans feel a strong need to share and express how the fantasies filter through their brains.  I really like that about BL.

From I Shall Never Return Vol. 4

That, and the men doing makeouts.

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One Response to “BL Roundtable: Conclusions: Men Doing Makeouts”

  1. Noah Berlatsky says:

    It is inspiring. It’s also not confined to the fandoms, I don’t think, though it’s maybe most obvious there. Most creative works are inspired by/made out of/ other creative works, so anytime something is really good, it’s often built out of something that’s worse. Chris Ware’s Superman, for example, is arguably a lot better/more interesting than the Siegel/Shuster version….