Career Opportunities with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Posted by on May 13th, 2010 at 12:43 AM

Watching Iron Man 2 brought about a couple of the senior moments one will have if one is more conversant with the characters as practiced 30 or more years ago than in the current standard revised versions.  (One particular example from an earlier franchise is during the excruciating Spider Man 3, where they’re already bringing in the way-after-my-time Venom subplot and I’m thinking “But that’s hundreds of issues from now!”)  Anyway, one thing I notice in the Iron Man pictures is that by having Tony Stark own up to being Iron Man immediately they lose the Scarlet Pimpernel aspect of the character.  The story of the first Iron Man is this narcissistic playboy heel turning altruist, and most of the fun derives from the narcissistic playboy heel part.  If you’d maintained the Scarlet Pimpernel aspect then Tony Stark could have continued to play the narcissistic heel in public to maintain his cover.  Instead, heel and altruist must be balanced throughout, and the fun quotient is blunted accordingly.

The second moment comes when (I don’t think I’m giving anything important away here) Tony gets his psychological makeup evaluation that says he’s not up to snuff to be part of the Avengers, and I’m thinking to myself, “Wait a minute, the Incredible Hulk was in the Avengers!”  I mean, you can’t be much more psychologically unsuited for teamwork than “perpetually enraged and out of control.”  It’s not a high bar we have here.

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One Response to “Career Opportunities with S.H.I.E.L.D.”

  1. motown missile says:

    Yeah, but didn’t The Hulk leave The Avengers because he perceived that they were all against him? That, and he got his own book, at least for a few issues until he was relegated to a second-feature in Tales To Astonish or one of those twofers Marvel published in the ’60’s.