Cathy in Candorville

Posted by on September 2nd, 2010 at 10:53 AM

As WLLilly noted in a comment to August 30’s rant hereabouts, Darrin Bell celebrated Cathy’s demise with a hilarious sequence in which a search for a replacement for Cathy turns up Clyde, the “C-Dog” thug of Candorville. Worth a look. Sorry I missed it before posting August 30’s essay.

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2 Responses to “Cathy in Candorville”

  1. WLLilly says:

    I wasn’t aware there were any strip cartoonist’s sites with the strips in such gratifyingly LARGE – original art ??????? – size ??!!! Thank you !!!!!!!
    Interesting that he actually titles his strips , like in the pre-TV era (and Griffy) . He runs in the San Francisco Chronicle here (which , incidentally , obviously colorizes his strrip , as it appeared B&W here as well as at Comics.Com which must make Bell the only ” younger ” – Um , I ssume that someone who lists Eminem and Beyonce songs as his ” Songs Of The Day ” is likely to be post-Boomer , at the very least , non ????????? – synducated cartoonist to draw a ” true ” B&W strip(there’s a panel exception or two I’ve seen) .
    Speaking of Comics.Com and ” true ” B&W strips , the entirety of last week they printed another strip in the place of Gasoline Alley for an entire daily week !!!!! They’ve corrected it this week , ‘tho…

  2. WLLilly says:

    …Correcting myself , I myself , in my feed from Comics.Com , get B&W Cafe Con Leche , Liberty Meadows , Pc And Pixel and panel Working It Out , all presumed to be by Generation Underoos/Slurpee Cups/Daytime-Stripped Brady Bunch Re-Runs While Our Parents Got Divorced or later ” Generation…” creators .
    GoComics.Com does appear to , sloppily , colorize B&W strips .
    Also , I should say that Zippy’s site offers a large strip (And I suppose many other strips’ creators personal sites may) , um…I was thinking of Griffy as ” not a ‘ strip ‘ ” cartoonist ” ? An ” old-timer ” ? Well , anyway !
    AS I said , ” up “(??) here in S.F. , the Chronicle cswitched their strips as shown in the daily paper to color a few months ago , they did do a little show business/creation of anticipation regarding it , at least…