Doing the Impossible

Posted by on January 29th, 2011 at 10:27 AM

When contemplating, suitably horrified, the National Debt and/or the Ballooning Deficit, we pity our descendants who will have to pay the bill. But Tom Tomorrow (aka Dan Perkins) has deftly turned the government’s fiscal policy into a comic strip, probably the only way to survive thinking about it.

Dripping—gushing—in sarcasm, the comedy, and hence the satire, arises from Tomorrow’s simple logical extension of the defacto “policy” of our government and combining it with the well-known chicanery of Wall Street banking institutions. A brilliant maneuver.

Wiley Miller made a handful of jokes with a similar theoretical basis in his Non Sequitur.

But Wiley’s inspiration was ol’ Marcus Twain’s autobiography, not our so-called government’s machinations (or Tomorrow’s This Modern World).

Still, it’s the kind of coincidence that I stay up nights looking for.

Speaking of staying up nights, that’s what we all did as kids on Christmas Eve: we tried to stay awake on so we could catch Santa making his stop at our house. And that idea was revived in one of Pat Olipant’s cartoons last month.

The satire is nearly allegorical, and it takes a wonderful wallop at the Giant Old Pachyderm’s most conspicuous ass-et. Makes me smile.

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