Donald O’Connor — Yeah!

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The Man. Wasn’t he great in Singing in the Rain? Gene Kelly had to muscle his way thru the routines. O’Connor did his in a precise, unforced glide. Check out the lines of his body as he dances. There are no angles, just gentle arcs that come and go. Come and go very fast because, damn, does he move.

No disrespect to Gene Kelly; it takes top-level talent to do what Kelly did in the show. But O’Connor was better than top level. That guy was superb.

That Muslim cleric. He overestimated the maturity, sense and goodwill of the American people. Shame on him. May he never do it again.

Maybe he could apologize for thinking his fellow Americans wouldn’t be idiots. I don’t say such a statement would smooth things over. It wouldn’t and it shouldn’t. Nothing can take away the pain caused by his reckless high opinion of Americans. But a full and frank acknowledgment might begin our nation’s much-needed healing process.

Who did this? Aside from Bill Keane, I mean. Anyway, I like it.

Chtulhu Circus

Speaking of good mothers. Oh fuck, here we go. All right.

Who hijacked term:”feminist”?A cackle of rads who want 2 crucify other women w/whom they disagree on a singular issue; it’s ironic (& passé)

Has any national political figure in the US ever called a given political attitude “passé”? If so, I bet they didn’t give it the kind of weight seen in the tweet here, where it’s presented as the final-nail point that kills a proposition dead.

“Passé” strikes me as more a gals’ word than a guys’ word. If I’m right, its use above is one more sign of changing times. But, femaleness aside, “passé” is also by way of being a twit word. Beliefs aren’t a style.

… “Hijacked.” No one else wanted “feminist” back when Sarah’s targets, the women who disagree with her about abortion rights, picked it up off the ground and put it to use. But now she wants it too.

“Ironic.” Meaning, I guess, that pro-women women (otherwise known as feminists) footfault themselves when they criticize other women. For a feminist to criticize another woman requires a blind lack of self-awareness—that would be the idea.

But we also have “a cackle of rads.” Assuming that Palin isn’t being semi-literate, you have to conclude that she intends “cackle” as a bit of invention, a new, made-up collective noun on the order of a “grumble” of critics or a “slouch” of adolescents. But hens cackle, and men who don’t like women refer to women as hens. So we have a woman who’s sneering at other women for being women. Or else she’s just being semi-literate again.

A final thought: how could the “rads” be radicals if they disagree with other women on just one “singular” point? I expect that 1) Palin just likes the way “rads” sounds, and 2) she thinks that radical feminists are actually just complaining feminists, that they’re set apart by their behavior, not by their ideas. She figures that the rads make a lot of noise about how men leave their toenail clippings around, whereas the other gals just roll their eyes and get on with things.

Bad herring. An exchange from Mad Men (second season, third episode).

He: “You’re so profoundly sad.”

She: “No. It’s just my people are Nordic.”

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