Ducks in a Row and a Haircut

Posted by on February 1st, 2010 at 8:12 AM

It was Collin Powell who once attributed some of his success in the Army and in Washington to his being a “light-skinned” African American (although at the time, he probably said “Negro”). So Harry Reid’s comment along the same lines about Baracko Bama shouldn’t cause a hullabaloo. But it did. The rabid Right Wingnuts could hardly restrain themselves from rubbing their hands in fiendish glee over what they deemed Reid’s misstep. And the inimitable Bruce Tinsley joined right in with this:

The uppermost of these strips is unusual in the Mallard Fillmore oeuvre: here, for a change, the pictures actually function in some way other than merely identifying through caricature the speakers. Mallard turns white at the end of the strip. What does that mean? In visual terms? And in conjunction with the utterances on display? Is there any interpretation that will permit us to suppose that Mallard doesn’t prefer to be white? He seems to be saying that he prefers being a white duck in the circles he hangs out in.

The next day, Tinsley shifts his ground entirely. Instead of accusing Reid of latent racism, Mallard says the majority leader is currying O’Bama’s favor for a spot on the ticket in 2012. Really now, can Reid manage this feat while also being a racist?

To change the subject, below is a Historic Happening in the Funnies. More about Historic Dagwood on Wednesday.

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