Posted by on February 11th, 2011 at 4:14 PM

This is my last post for www.tcj.com. It’s been fun. I posted 48 entries in 2010; the last one went up on November 9th. A majority of these entries were book reviews, but I also posted three interviews (with Eli Valley, Brendan Leach, and dance critic Mindy Aloff), as well as a transcript of my 2009 MoCCA Festival conversation with the great Tom Kaczynski. In addition, I wrote a short piece about my summer 2010 trip to Baghdad, which was a strangely wonderful experience. I started writing for The Comics Journal in the mid-1990s, and will happily write again for the print version if they ask me. I greatly appreciate the invitation to write for the website, but I’m burned out. For what it’s worth, I have a piece coming out later this year on 9/11 and comics that will appear in Radical History Review, and I will be speaking on comics studies at this year’s Popular Culture Association meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Thus, I haven’t completely turned my back on comics. If you sent me a book to review, and I never reviewed it, feel free to contact me via email, and I can either pay for the book or return it. Long live tcj.

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