Footnit for the Day

Posted by on January 3rd, 2011 at 11:07 AM

Here’s a note I got from Brian Walker:

Beetle Bailey did not appear in the New York Daily News today. We were informed that the paper was cutting costs and that Edward Fay, vice president and director of editorial administration, was the one who made the decision. It makes no sense for the paper to drop one of their most popular features. If you share this opinion, please send a message of protest to:

Hopefully, he will reinstate Beetle if he receives enough response. We would appreciate anything you can do. Thanks – Brian Walker

RCH again: As some of you know (those who’ve read the pertinent chapter in a book of mine, The Art of the Funnies, which, by the way, can be obtained at my website,, Beetle Bailey is one of the masterworks of cartooning in comic strips in the history of the medium. It’s also a popular comic strip—even after 60 years in print. Whether you agree with that or not, Brian Walker has given us a chance to demonstrate the power of readership to affect newspaper decisions, and it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity. Hope you agree.

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One Response to “Footnit for the Day”

  1. WLLilly says:

    …That’s certainly a valid thing for people who buy , or may buy , the paper to do !
    Myself , I am in San Francisco and I haven’t held a paper copy of ” New York’s Hometown Newspaper ” in my hand for , oh , over thirteen years .
    Therefore – I shall recuse myself .
    What would I say to them – ” Bring back Beetle – or I won’t look at your content free on the Web some !!! ” ?
    I have been curious for some time as to what strips NYHN actually carries now – In fact , at the time I left the area , Beetle had been moved to a segregated ” Classics Comics Page ” , replacing Winnie Winkle on that page (which tended to run in the middle of regional classified ads) when she was discontinued , IIRC .
    Well , anyway .
    Best of luck , Bri !
    I had several/a couple of pleasant visits to Mort’s comics museum during the years that it was Northeastern Corridor-located , and Mort oncce (on a visit with my late father) inscribed a Beetle rough to me (which he took from a stack of same , no doubt meant for just this purpose) , which my father had framed .
    Unfortunately , said framed rough is long gone:-( .
    …So , am I ungrateul ? Well , maybe I am looking for one hand washing the other , hah , hah , hah…
    No , seriously , I don’t really think that someone who is not in the realistic market for a newspaper , at least if we assume that letters of this sort need a ” As a subscriber to the News/Gazette/Clock-Caterers’ Quarterly…” springboard or similar to be justifiable , should participate in this…I shouldn’t lie , either , and since I think that (Libraries having rather curtailed OOT newspaper subscriptions even before the recession partly due to This Very Handy-Dandy Device that I am writing this on) even finding a dead trees NYDN in the Bay Area would be a bit hard now…Um , let’s just say that , as much as I like an admire Walker and company , and even given that I bought the The Comics Journal with A Certain Rabbit-Herder interviewing M. W. for just that reason…Say , am trying to halfway talk myself into/out of passionate conviction or what ???????????