Four by Three

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From August 1970 we’ve got two by Gahan Wilson, an illustration by Ed Paschke and a Brad Holland illo for a “Ribald Classic.” Boy, I identify with the lady immediately below.

© 1970 HMH Publishing Co. Inc.

Okay, the caption for the second one: “Oh, quit bitching about it, will you? It’s all been over and done with for years!” I love it.

© 1970 HMH Publishing Co. Inc.

The Paschke illo goes with a humor piece about Hollywood war movies made during World War II. The man has had a hell of a career and here is his Web site.

© 1970 HMH Publishing Co. Inc.

And now Brad Holland. The story involves a public procession and the bride of Napoleon III.

© 1970 HMH Publishing Co. Inc.

Daily proverb. “Nothing recedes like success” — Walter Winchell

Stan says. Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, dares the deathblow of the dread Dormammu!

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