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Posted by on June 16th, 2010 at 8:41 AM

Here are a couple of Guy and Rodd’s Brevity, neither of which I can figure out.

The first one has something to do with the iconic advertising “character,” the pitcher, in Kool-Aid ads, right? But what, exactly? The pitchers of Kool-Aid are dashing around, wrecking the house? Must be a reference to some tv ad that I no longer see, thanks to DVR.

But the next one is too far out for me. A kid gets a date for the prom and his father, dressed in funny anachronistic costume, lands a space craft on a couple parked cars? So what?

I’m done, guys. Lost.

Before we part for the day, here’s a recent Doonesbury that I’m sure will generate plenty of agitated mail for Garry Trudeau.

It’s the frivolous treatment of God that’ll set fire to a lot of fundamentalist ire. They can probably take the feminist joke of the Almighty’s sex change. But doing “Her” nails? That’s undoubtedly taking it too too far. I love it, of course.

Oddly, I haven’t heard any rumbles of complaint (yet) from the multitudes.

By the way, on a subsequent Sunday, half of Michael Doonesbury’s specs is missing.

In the bottom picture, we see two spheroids hovering below his eyes on either side of his nose. These, as I’ve complained before, represent his spectacles in what is perhaps the most eccentric representation of spectacles in comics. They don’t look like spectacles. Nothing attaches them to either Michael’s nose or ears, which is where normal specs get attached. But Trudeau’s inking assistant seems to have left one of the two lenses off when doing the panel above.

As you might suppose, he could have left both of them off as far as I’m concerned, and the rendering would be improved as a consequence.

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10 Responses to “Help Wanted”

  1. Caro says:

    The first one is a reference to the old ’70s commercial where the kool-aid pitcher busts through a wall to bring kool aid to the cheering kids. I’ll see if I can find a link. I think it’s nostalgia more than humor?

    There was a great great great mini comic at SPX a couple of years ago about Kool-Aid getting fired; maybe nostalgia for kool-aid is a hipster thing.

    The second one appears to be “what to do when the family car is a dirigible”, but WTF? There has to be more to that.

  2. Caro says:

    Here’s the Kool-Aid ad.

    I think maybe the second one is a joke about nerds and over-the-top historical fetishism, like the SCA and renfaire, except I guess a dirigible is kind of steampunk. Wacky parents produce computer geek kids? Or the fact that the first generation of wacky geeks now has teenage kids?

    Really, that’s the best I can do with that. It’s WEIRD.

    I love it when you post these things.

  3. Sean Robinson says:

    I think the Kool-aid man one is basically just… hmm… if Kool aid man had a Kool aid kid and a Kool aid wife and they all insisted on busting through the wall every time they came into a room, then the living situation would quickly become untenable. Do I win kool aid points here for a plausible answer?

  4. Tom Crippen says:

    Sean’s got my vote for his Kool-Aid explanation. I never saw the commercial, but with the ad as a given his theory makes perfect sense.

    Boy, that second one … any explanation would be a comedown.

  5. Gavin Lees says:

    On the Kool Aid one, Sean gets a big “OOH YEAH!”.

    The second one is quite a nicely crafted joke: 1) Dad won’t give son a ride to prom (why is this an issue? Isn’t a limo de rigeur in these situations?) 2) Kid is an outsider, so there’s obviously something about Dad that will make an impact 3) Remorse! 4) Dad relents – but why the Victorian outfit? Because…. 5) BAM – Airship smash puny limos and the kid no-one expected to get a date makes the most badass entrance.

  6. Wesley says:

    The second “Brevity” strip would have made more sense to me if it had been drawn by Michael Kupperman.

  7. WLLilly says:

    …Caro and Sean got here first , but especially since Gavin got in something that might confuse you , RC………..
    In these commercials , a dull affair would be livened up by a life-sized Kool-Aid Man , with legs , bursting through the wall and causing K-A to start spritzing all over everyone , while h would repeat the slogan ” OOH Yeah !!! ” !
    I suppose that the painting in the background of the room is supposed to remind you of that , but they don’t go into enough detail ( And avoided the liquid spritzing part ) .
    Archie actually issued a couple issues of a KOOL-AID MAN comic book ,a commercially sold one , not a promotional/premium/giveaway one , with art by Dan DeCarlo !
    RC , in all honesty , you are probably now more than a little behind in the age for the ” nostalgic/cute/kitchy pop culture reference ” demo , with 80s and I suppose even 90s , by now , TV things and whatnot being seen as ” n-c-k pcr ” fodder by now…Here in San Franciso the other night , when I saw ( the animated film – excellent BTW ) ” THE SECRET OF KELLIS ” in the Haight , a flyer was posted up for a club’s DJ night ” 90s Night ” , promising ” One hit blunders ” from the Clinton Decade !
    This shoves over into something I’ve often thought about , the ” Pop Culture Nostalgic ‘ Ironic/Spoof ‘ Time Jump ” , where the pop culture of , maybe , 15-25 years earlier gets spoofed by the now 20-30somethings who ( at least semi- ) grew up on it , but there’s not time for that here now…

  8. Tom Crippen says:

    Gavin, you mean “nicely crafted joke” in the ironic sense, don’t you?

  9. Gavin Lees says:

    Tom, I think it’s well-told – it’s just not very funny…

    WLLilly – didn’t Pete Bagge and Alan Moore also do a bizarre story about Kool Aid Man in an old issue of Hate?

  10. Caro says:

    It’s a nicely crafted not-a-joke.

    But why did the dad say no to begin with? Because that’s what dads do?

    Bagge/Moore Kool Aid