I am the Other Side of Ken Smith’s Brain

Posted by on May 17th, 2010 at 7:42 PM

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The other day I started talking to myself. I do that, but this time I made sense. My thinking was dead-on, persuasive, and it ran like this:

Let’s say you’re intensely preoccupied with the state of human consciousness as the species conducts a fundamental remaking of its everyday lived reality. But you’re not Ken Smith. You’re more like his shadow half.

Ken Smith reads Hegel and so on and produces a decades-long multipart manifesto that baffles and irritates nonadherents of his vision. You stay away from such activities. You do hang around in cafes and live in your little apartment and kick books out of the way when you have to answer the phone. You even believe that human consciousness is being reshaped and that this fact is at the bottom of almost everything that wanders into view. So, sure, you’re the sort of person who would dedicate his life and thought to straightening out how the world understands its present psychic/historical predicament. Probably you should be doing that. It’s just that you haven’t and you won’t. Your life and thought are dedicated to nothing and crap just floats into them.

Which may be all right for purposes of a blog. If any consciousness is getting reshaped, maybe it’s yours. You’re the one spending all that time on the Internet and watching tv while you wait for your life to start. If anyone’s existing at the node points of the modern consciousness’s mediated new intermesh of perceptions, it might possibly be you.

So let Ken Smith cover one half of the deal. You can cover the other half, and in between lies nothing but comics.

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