Irwin’s “Very Deep Inferiority Complex”

Posted by on September 17th, 2010 at 9:12 AM

From Oct. 30, 1949. The arglebargle of off-the-shelf intellectualism makes an early appearance as a Feiffer target. Interesting to see that a kids strip in 1949 could work the same sort of territory that Nichols and May (and Feiffer) would plow so beautifully a decade later. But how does Irwin’s alleged inferiority complex show up? I suppose in his fussing over the technical details of his shot, though it would be easy enough to explain same as a satire of how complicated cameras can be and how fanatic their users often become.

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2 Responses to “Irwin’s “Very Deep Inferiority Complex””

  1. WLLilly says:

    …By the way , did you spot the punning reference to radio commentator H. V. Kaltenborn ? ( I think that’s it . )
    My parents had an old ( WWII-era ? ) book of Ted Key’s HAZEL , which had a cartoon which dropped his name .
    I thought of saying that after seeing the reference , I was gonna say this anyway…Could you , maybe , skip ahead to the strip where Clifford meets the older , tough , ” bop ” kids going about humming ” A scobeeohdekee ! A cottage for sale ! ” ?

  2. Tom Crippen says:

    Actually, I think my “Clifford” supply is just about gone. Just had a handful.

    And yeah, saw the Kaltenborn reference. I don’t know much about him except that he had a distinctive up-and-down delivery and was bowled over by Truman’s 1948 election victory. There’s some footage of Truman mimicking Kaltenborn’s delivery of the results.