It’s Nasty Time: Part Three

Posted by on October 29th, 2010 at 9:11 AM

The political strategy of the Giddy Old Pachyderm is deftly explained by Milt Priggee in just eight panels, happily executed in deliciously juicy brush strokes.

Below Priggee is Bill Schorr, who, with equal deftness, explains various of the GOP programs for the country.

Priggee’s cartoon works by piling up the indictment in successive panels; Schorr’s, by repeating a militaristic image, applying it to everything—and thereby demonstrating the poverty of the GOP governing imagination.

Two late developments in the GOP strategy are illustrated by David Fitzsimmons and Mike Luckovich.

While it’s true that the money donated to the Donkey party by unions exceeds by 11 to 8 (according to some reports) the monetary gifts from corporations and wealthy groups to the Elephant party, the sources of the former donations must be named. But donations from corporate “entities” invented for the purpose can be made without anyone but the donor and the donee knowing from whence the largess flows. Fitz’s image effectively contrasts the traditional constitutional convention of colonial powdered-wig patriots to the modern menace of a cabal of billionaire corporate interests, who seem at home only when lurking in the shadows where they can’t be seen clearly.

Luckovich’s cartoon doesn’t deploy a visual image so much as it provides the setting for a verbal jab at the GOP’s “Pledge to America” for the yawning void where anything approaching specific solutions ought to be.

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