It’s Nasty Time: Part Two

Posted by on October 27th, 2010 at 6:59 PM

We remain utterly flabbergasted by the behavior of the American electorate, whose inexplicable foolishness is effectively dramatized by Rex Babin in our top cartoon:

Happily, immediately below Rabin is Tony Auth, who manages an explanation that seems persuasive. Both visual metaphors seem to me pungent with accurate implication—but then, you probably suspected I’d say something like that, eh?

In our next slide, Tom Toles seems, at first blush, as baffled as I was until I saw Auth, but Toles gives his imagery two sharp edges, cutting both the Gigantic Obstructionist Pachyderm and the clueless voter.

Handily done. There is in Toles’s cartoon a certain giddy irresponsibility: they’re gamboling across the flower infested lawn in happy disregard for the disasters that threaten on every side. Hard to imagine a more accurate depiction of the current political climate.

And Tom Eagan gets the last analytical word, assuring us that the electorate, as I suspected when I started out a few sentences ago, is demented beyond salvation.

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