It’s All Semantics

Posted by on December 8th, 2009 at 10:30 PM

Not comics, but I wanted to get this on record:  I was reading a magazine article that referred to a child’s biological father, when it suddenly struck me that the father figure who is actually is present to raise the child ought to be called the biographical father.  That is, the father who is actually part of your life story.  (Of course there are those like mine who are both your biological father and your biographical father, but those you just call your father.)  Coined by Fiore December 8, 2009.  All other claimants will have to beat that date.

Speaking of speaking, do you know what the French equivalent of graphic novel is?  Roman graphique.  Now does that or does that not sound ten times cooler than our version?  (Pretentious? Moi!)  It’d give anything a touch of class.  XXX Scumbag Party, un roman graphique de Johnny Ryan.

Several observers, like this fellow here, raise the question of how the untutored reader would tell Earth One, DC’s new series of standalone romans graphiques aimed at providing less continuity-encumbered versions of their core characters for the untutored reader, apart from the dozens of other similar DC trade paperbacks featuring the same characters.  For the sake of Team Comics I make the following suggestion.  The Earth One versions of the characters should be identified with the suffix “Like the One in the Movies,” e.g., Superman Like the One in the Movies, Batman Like the One in the Movies, and so forth.  Or they could just put a banner across the cover of each reading THIS ONE, STUPID.  Or they could feature the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons on the back cover saying, “Stripped of its deep and complex mythology, this watered-down travesty ought to be comprehensible even to a simpleton such as yourself.”  My consulting services are available at a reasonable fee.

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2 Responses to “It’s All Semantics”

  1. Gavin Lees says:

    Johnn Ryan actually had an issue of Angry Youth Comics with “Bande Dessinee des Jeunes Fachés” on the cover (and Loady McGee saying “If you can read this, you’re a retard”…in French)

  2. R.C. Harvey says:

    “Biographical father.” I love it.