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Posted by on October 6th, 2010 at 7:14 PM

No cartooner is apparently immune from the practice so frequently indulged in by Stephan Pastis in his Pearls Before Swine of dragooning into one’s comic strip a character or two from someone else’s. Funny stuff, eh? Even in Baldo by Cantu and Castellanos:

The joke here is that to residents of a comic strip “people who live around here” are also residents of comic strips, just different comic strips. So the gag draws attention to the fact that Baldo and his family are comic strip characters.

Ditto in Mike Peters’ Mother Goose and Grim.

And it goes on and on.

With each repetition, Peters gets better and better. Grimm in the Pickles’ bathroom sink hits a hilarious ending to the series.

Our next visual aid, however, turns the practice on its head. In this Sunday Family Circus, Jeff Keane goes after Pastis, who has so frequently ridiculed the characters and frothy family sentiment in the Circus:

Keane and Pastis are friends, by the way, so all this jabbing and poking is in fun. Here, the Circus Poppa is reading to his children, who, in rapid succession, find the book so boring they leave in order to watch a much more interesting tv program. The title of the book, Pig and Rat Get Lost, evokes the principal characters in Pearls Before Swine (which, the Circus ensemble apparently believes, is boring)—and by the same token, the faux book’s title also tells Pastis’ characters to “get lost.” Nice touch. Even nicer, the more engaging entertainment the Circus kids gravitate to is “The Simpsons.” Ha.

But how long can this sort of thing go on? What do you do if you have jabbed and poked all your cartoonist buddies? Friday, we’ll find out what Mike Peters did.

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