More Gushing

Posted by on June 21st, 2010 at 9:50 AM

Here’s Signe Wilkinson, running through an incriminating sequence about our oil thralldom.

From drilling to spilling to killing to filling. Nicely achieved reminder of the reason we have made such a mess in the Gulf of Mex—and of the consequences. The pictures give meaning to the words, and the rhyming words are like the frosting on the cake.

I also like Mike Luckovich’s take on the Gulf gusher situation.

By seeming to condemn Baracko Bama’s response to the catapulting catastrophe, Luckovich actually points the fingerbone of blame to the real culprit, me and thee, kimo sabe—the consumers (and demanders) of fossil fuels. Once again, words give meaning to the picture, and vice versa, the verbal and the visual blending to achieve a meaning neither conveyed before the blend.

And so we wind up right where Signe left us—being the responsible persons.

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