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The nominees have now been selected for the National Cartoonists Society’s 64th Annual Reuben Awards; winners will be announced Memorial Day Weekend at the Reuben Awards dinner in Jersey City. The “Reuben Awards”—plural—takes its name from the trophy awarded to the Cartoonist of the Year (the “Reuben”) and then applies the expression to all the “division” or “category” awards—Best Comic Strip, Best Editorial Cartoonist, Best Graphic Novel, etc. Here’s this year’s list of nominees for the Reuben and for the division awards (listed by division):


Cartoonist of the Year
Stephen Pastis, Pearls Before Swine


Dan Piraro, Bizarro

Richard Thompson, Cul de Sac

Television Animation

Kevin Deters – “Walt Disney Prep and Landing”

Mike Gray – “The Infinite Goliath”

Seth McFarlane – “Family Guy”

Feature Animation

Ronnie del Carmen – Storyboard Artist – “Up”

Tomm Moore – Director – “The Secret of Kells”

Barry Reynolds – Character Designer – “The Secret of Kells”

Newspaper Illustration

Bob Rich

Tom Richmond

Robert Sanchuk

Gag Cartoons

Glenn McCoy

V.G. Myers

Dave Whamond

Greeting Cards

Glenn McCoy

Kieran Meehan

Debbie Tomassi

Newspaper Comic Strips

John Hambrock, The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee

Wiley Miller, Non Sequitur

Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman, Zits

Newspaper Panel Cartoons

Dave Blazek, Loose Parts

Tony Carillo, F Minus

Hilary Price, Rhymes with Orange

Magazine Feature/magazine Illustration

Ray Alma

Anton Emdin

Tom Richmond

Book Illustration

Lou Brooks – “Twimericks”

Tom Richmond – “Bo Confidential”

Dave Whamond – “My Think-A-Ma-Jink”

Editorial Cartoons

Nick Anderson

Rob Rogers

John Sherffius

Advertising Illustration

Steve Brodner

Randall Enos

Mort Gerberg

Comic Books

Terry Moore, Echo

Paul Pope, Strange Adventures

J.H. Williams, Detective Comics

Graphic Novels

David Mazzucchelli, Asterios Polyp

Seth, George Sprott

David Small, Stitches

It’s heartening to note that “graphic novels” have finally found their way into a category by themselves (this year’s innovation) instead of being mixed in with “comic books”: the two really are separate art forms.

It’s disheartening, however, to notice that some names crop up every year in the appropriate category. Is there no one else practicing cartooning in that category? Why are there never any Playboy cartoonists nominated in the gag cartoonist division? Isn’t Playboy one of the last great venues of magazine gag cartooning? Well, I guess McCoy is a Playboy cartooner, so all is not lost. But so is Frank Thorne. And Alden Erickson and Doug Sneyd and Kiraz. Alas, we missed Buck Brown.

This listing will be about the most public recognition the people on it will receive. NCS has a policy of keeping such matters more-or-less secret. (That’s a joke, son: there’s no such policy—just an unhappy consequence of trying to make the Reubens Dinner a private affair to which no one, not even local newspaper reporters, are ever invited.)

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