Not Enough Sex

Posted by on July 21st, 2010 at 4:14 AM

At HU, Kinukitty tries to appreciate Youka Nitta’s Otodama, despite the most obvious problem.

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6 Responses to “Not Enough Sex”

  1. patford says:

    It’s all clear now. Stuff like this just leaves Crumb, Clowes, Ware, and Hernandez in the dust.

  2. Noah Berlatsky says:

    Glad you’ve had an epiphany! I thought it would have to wait until Fanta put out the Moto Hagio book and it suddenly became okay for fanboy gassers to like shojo.

  3. patford says:

    If the Moto Hagio book is near as good as the ten volumes of Gen I’ve read I’ll be impressed.

  4. Noah Berlatsky says:

    Wait a minute…you’re having a discussion with me! I thought you had sort of vowed not to do that.

    AA’ is the only Hagio I’ve read, but it’s pretty awesome. I haven’t read Gen though. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

  5. patford says:

    Vow? I think I’d urge paid writers to better spend their time elsewhere, that wouldn’t include fans.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Thomas Aquinas debate you.
    “The test of the artist does not lie in the will with which he goes to work, but in the excellence of the work he produces.”

  6. Noah Berlatsky says:

    I don’t speak Latin though!

    I can only do the will, but I appreciate folks telling me when they find the work wanting. Take care, Pat.