Now at CAM: From Bloom County to Mars

Posted by on February 8th, 2011 at 8:44 PM

I realize I’ve been remiss in providing updates on the shows at my beloved Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.  Sorry.  This is the latest one. From Bloom County to Mars: The Imagination of Berkeley Breathed is a sweeping retrospective of one of the storied triune of cartoonists who stood astride the newpaper syndication market like a colossus in the 1980s, then departed for, if not greener (who knows what Watterson is doing), then certainly other pastures.  The show includes art from Bloom County, Outland, Opus, and Breathed’s many children’s books, plus the only political cartoon he ever published.

Also!  The Museum is currently holding a Kickstarter drive to fund a full-color catalog for the show.  So if you want an autographed show catalog, and maybe a museum membership and such, get on that. I interviewed Breathed for the catalog, which was one of the more intimidating things I’ve done in my cartoon-world career, given that I grew up on his comics and have ripped off most of his good ideas at some point.

The lineup of shows at CAM is pretty darn solid right now.  In addition to the Breathed show in the main gallery, we’ve got Overture: Looney Tunes Behind the Scenes, a show of Looney Tunes preproduction art and rare oddities (including an entire  Bugs Bunny comic book); and Drawn from the Economist: The Editorial Art of Kal, a really nice selection of art from a top editorial cartoonist and magazine artist. It always sounds boring when I try to describe an editorial cartoon show, but they invariably end up being great, which is why the museum does them.

So. Berkeley Breathed, Looney Tunes, Kal from The Economist. Also, show catalog fund drive. It’s been a busy few months.

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