One by Bob Pepper, the Other Probably Also by Bob Pepper

Posted by on November 19th, 2010 at 9:12 AM

update, Every single Ballantine Adult Fantasy cover can be viewed here. Wow! They were posted by an extremely handsome individual going by the name Skwishmi.

And wait, here‘s another gallery, possibly even more complete than the first. The artist info certainly seems thorough. At any rate you can compare and contrast.

And now our regular post …

As a boy I loved the covers for Ballantine Books’ Adult Fantasy series (old-time fantasy texts selected and introduced by Lin Carter). Here we have two samples presented with front and back cover. The copyright page for Something About Eve credits Bob Pepper, and the covers’ look is similar enough that I’d guess he did The Silver Stallion as well. In fact, my guess is backed by the blogger John Coulthart here, who also does a nice post about Pepper’s work here.

Ballantine’s Silver Stallion came out in 1969, and its Something About Eve in 1971. But the books’ copyright pages apply only to the text and say nothing about the art’s copyright. So I apologize either to Ballantine Books or Bob Pepper, depending on who owns the rights.

Daily proverb. Don’t say you love her. Ask her if she’d like to have coffee.

Stan says. “The Sword and the Scorpion!” Perhaps the greatest issue yet of Kull the Conqueror!

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2 Responses to “One by Bob Pepper, the Other Probably Also by Bob Pepper”

  1. Aaron White says:

    I dug his work too; his cover for A Voyage to Arcturus was important to me. Didn’t he also cover the Titus Groan books?

    Roberto Lo Grippo was another Ballentine Adult Fantasy cover artist. His Bosch-y illo for The Night Land makes me wonder if the designers of Pac Man saw it. It’s got a little round yellow mouth-and-eyes monster who looks awfully familiar. I tried to find him online (Lo Grippo, that is) and could only dig up a Robert Lo Grippo who seems to be the same guy. Now he does kitschy Grandma Moses style stuff.

  2. Tom Crippen says:

    You’re right about Arcturus. Writing my post, I had that cover in the back of my mind as the quintessential Bob Pepper. I don’t have the cover itself or else you’d see it here.

    The Pac Man/Lo Grippo link seems too good to be true, but the visual evidence is certainly powerful, so maybe you’re right again.

    Finally, my favorite BAF artist would be Gervasio Gallardo, but all my books by him have rotted away and can’t be scanned. Fantastic to see these things again, thanks to the power of the Internet.