Richie Rich in the Back Room

Posted by on June 3rd, 2010 at 7:36 PM

Says here Montreal’s police want to close down a particular strip club. They’re worried that the owner of a local clothing boutique may send people to shoot up the place and cause a massacre.

The target of the potential shooters would be a man in the back room, a man named Richard Goodridge. Okay, now the comics angle is coming up. A police detective saw a drug trafficker hanging around at the club and:

“It was a surprise to see him there. His allegiances and Goodridge’s didn’t match,” Dumas said. “So I asked him if he knew who controlled Club Temptation. He said, ‘You’re talking about Richie Rich. He receives us well here. We don’t pay for a thing.'”

It’s odd to think of a boutique owner gunning for Richie Rich, but Montreal is a bit special. The street gangs here don’t steal hub caps, they take over car dealerships — or strip clubs or clothing boutiques. They’re like the Mafia, and at the same time Montreal also has its branch of the Mafia proper. I don’t know how all the various parties find enough business to go around. At any rate, shooting occurs.

To recap the linked article: In March two people wound up dead because a gang shot up the boutique (which is in the Old City, a lovely section of town). Police say they think the boutique shooting was meant to kill the gang boss who owns the place. He was put in jail not long after, but for unrelated reasons.

An ex-buddy of the jailed gang leader is boss of a different gang, and he hangs out in the back room of a downtown strip club. He has a criminal record and the place would lose its liquor license if he were the owner. But apparently he is, at least, very owner-like.

The police decided to shut the place down so as to head off a massacre. They suspended the club’s license, then went before the city liquor board to see if they could get the license taken away permanently. Now here comes something kind of neat:

Det. Sgt. Jean François Lange testified he learned, through an informant, that in the days following the attempt on Joseph’s life Goodridge seemed to be nervous and on his guard. Lange also testified he received information that led to the April 6 seizure of a small cache of weapons that included a machine gun and a grenade launcher.

A grenade launcher! Not bad. The police say three men have something or other to do with the weapons cache, and that one of the men has something to do with Richie Rich. Possibly Richie Rich and the boutique owner mean to have it out as to who controls drug sales in downtown. Even so . . . a grenade launcher.

In other news, Montreal managed to create a traffic jam that started at 5:30 am and lasted until noon, tying up the bridges between the city and the southern mainland. The trick was to hire a construction company that isn’t good at finding asphalt. The company dug up two lanes of the Champlain Bridge, the main bridge between the island and the south, then couldn’t quite fill them in. The result was a two-inch drop in the road surface.

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  1. WLLilly says:

    …As far as Richies go , yo , I remember noting at least two people associated with ” music whose method of delivery is often , in traditional imagery/mythology/imagery , anyway , twelve-inch singles ” named Richie Rich…there appears to have been a British Richie Rich house music producer/artist and , right here in the Yay ( Bay Area , knowhati’msayin , a hip-hop Richie Rich , who appears to turn up a lot on other rapper’s album releases as one of umpteen ” Featuring…” guest-stars listed on the promos for the album , apparently doing a verse or so somewhere ( Makes me think of that J. D. Sother/Linda Rondstadt ” El Lay ” singer-songwriter set era when what a big emphasis was place upon So-And-So doing backing vocs , etc. ) .