Strong Jungle Woman

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We’ve got three covers from Jumbo Comics, the main showcase for Fiction House’s Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. (Wiki says she was created by Will Eisner and Jerry Iger.)

From the covers here, it appears that Sheena generally entered from stage left and that a cover’s person-in-peril would be large and prominent when female (first cover), and small and remote when male (second cover). I’d argue that the male sidekick in the third cover isn’t really in peril, just busy.

Looking at a dozen or so Jumbo Comics indicates to me that the covers do generally play down the imperiled male: he’s there, but a big deal isn’t made about him. Other titles weren’t necessarily so discreet. For example, Planet Comics (also Fiction House) would just fling the poor bastard out there to languish.

Anyway, here’s Jumbo #102 from August 1947. Heritage tells us it’s a bondage cover and that the issue has art by Matt Baker and Jack Kamen. But nothing about the cover artist.

Jumbo #78, August 1945. Heritage says Joe Doolin did the cover. I think that for Sheena to be sitting on anything the tree has to take an interesting bend. The tree houses and jungle compound are still neat to look at.

And Jumbo #140, October 1950. No word on cover artist. The peril situation seems a bit elaborate: They’re herding leopards toward Sheena and she has to kill the leopards. Does that kind of thing work in practice?

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One Response to “Strong Jungle Woman”

  1. vollsticks says:

    The second one is probably my favourite, I hadn’t noticed that Sheena looks like she’s not sitting on the tree. The dramatic perspective works so well, what with the arrow training the eye into the picture… The third cover has quite a strong diagonal composition and the patterns of Sheena’s outfit play off against the dots of the leopards pretty nicely. She could get a few more outfits from them.