Stumptown Comics Fest 2010 Preview

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The 7th annual Stumptown Comics Fest will be held at the Lloyd Center Doubletree hotel in Portland, Oregon, April 24 and 25. Founded in 2004 by a group of Portland-based cartoonists who craved a local convention that focused on creators (rather than dealers and publishers), the first show, held in a church, sported just 22 tables. This year, there will be over 200 exhibitors, and special guests Dean Haspiel, Paul Pope, Graham Annable, Theo Ellsworth, Lucy Knisley, Hope Larson, Batton Lash, R. Sikoryak, Matthew Southworth, James Sturm, Kate Beaton and Craig Thompson.

Below: some of this year’s exhibitors discuss their plans for Stumptown 2010.

Graham Annable

Annable: “I will be debuting my Book of Grickle from Dark Horse at the Stumptown Fest this year. It’s a hardcover collection of selected stories from the out-of-print Grickle and Further Grickle novels. The book will also include some rare stories from minicomics and art shows I’ve done over the years. I’ll also have original art, prints, and various Hickee comics to sell at the show.”

Phillip Barasch

Barasch: “I will have my first two publications and original oil paintings from my upcoming publication. The publications are as follows: Cornelius — A Tale form the House of Bernard and issue #1of Hand Hewn. The original oil paintings are from the upcoming second issue of Hand Hewn. Because my work is executed in oil paint and is oversized (the pages are 22” X 30”) it maximizes the viewing experience to see the originals. Two of the originals from Hand Hewn #2 will be on display at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts during Stumptown. I extend a standing offer to any interested party to visit my studio. If you are in Portland for the show, I would be delighted to show you my considerably productive space.”

Neil Brideau

Brideau: “[I will be bringing] The Trugglemat (my first minicomic, it’s about a girl who’s been befriended by a monster who is eating all the other children in town), Spitting Pennies (a minicomic about a 5th grader who starts vomiting objects he didn’t swallow), What is This? (a children’s minicomic I made for Uncle Envelope in which an alien and a little kid become friends after the alien crashes her spaceship into the kid’s bedroom), Alpha City Comics #1-2 (science-fiction stories written by Kevin Sciretta, and drawn by me), Secret Formula! (a goofy little adventure comic) and a box full of free minicomics, free buttons and free stickers.

Short Pants Press will also be carrying a collection of my webcomic, Sock-Monster, called In Anticipation of Hugs.”

Sarah Burrini

Life Ain’t No Pony Farm is a semi-autobiographical, but absurd, webcomic by Sarah Burrini about a cartoonist living together with a talking mushroom, a shady pony and an elephant who’s passionate about Miles Davis.

Burrini: “My comic is currently at and it updates twice a week in German and English.”

C.M. Butzer

C.M. Butzer is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and illustrator who co-creator and editor of the award-winning Rabid Rabbit series of comic anthologies and is the author of Gettysburg: The Graphic Novel, a highly regarded look at one of the pivotal battles of the U.S. Civil War. He is currently writing his second non-fiction graphic novel and is drawing storyboards for the advertising agency JWT.

Ron Chan

Chan: “I’ll be bringing mostly prints, but also issues of comics I’ve done, such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Gamekeeper, and Flytrap.”

Monico Chavez

Chavez: “Siren is an anthology of illustrated short stories and comics from a group of San Francisco artists, group-edited and self-published. Each story is based on the idea of a siren’s song, something that draws you in and cannot be ignored, but the genres range from sci-fi to horror to fantasy. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful hardcover book. This will be Siren’s first Stumptown comics fest.”

David Chelsea

In his only convention appearance this year, the holder of the World Record for 24-Hour Comics (11 completed to date), and author of David Chelsea In Love, Perspective! and the forthcoming Extreme Perspective! will be selling copies of his books as well as packets of decorated envelopes.

Brian Churilla

Brian Churilla (pronounced chu-ril-a) is a cartoonist born, raised and currently residing in Portland, Oregon. He has worked numerous publishers such as Boom! Studios, Image Comics, Red5, Archaia and Dark Horse Comics. He is perhaps best known for the series he co-created with Phil Hester titled The Anchor. He lives with his endlessly patient wife and daughter.

Wes Citti

AmazingSuperPowers is a webcomic created by two vikings, Wes and Tony. The only ongoing story is the consistent frailty of the human spirit. In the world of AmazingSuperPowers, if your life is going well and if your hopes and dreams are still intact, you are likely living in panel one.

Couscous Collective (Shaenon Garrity, Pancha Diaz, Leia Wethington, Andrew Farago, Jeffrey C. Wells)

The Couscous Collective will have two tables and a ton of comics, including a new anthology minicomic, Feast & Famine, featuring work by Pancha Diaz, Leia Weathington and Andrew Farago. This will be the convention debut of Skin Horse Vol. 1, by Shaenon K. Garrity and Jeffrey C. Wells. The Collective will also have new limited-edition prints for sale. Shaenon K. Garrity will appear on a panel on self-publishing. The Feast & Famine mini will also include work by Konstantin Pogorelov.

Evan Dahm

Evan Dahm lives in North Carolina. He draws fantasy adventure comics and publishes them online. Since 2006, he has produced over 1,000 pages of content, detailing the elaborate history of an invented world called Overside, beginning with the story Rice Boy and continuing with Order of Tales.

Jonathon Dalton

Dalton: “[I will be bringing] A Mad Tea-Party #1-3, Lords of Death and Life, Chop Suey, Maida Kilwa, Fablewood, and the Cloudscape anthologies: Robots, Pine Trees & Broken Hearts, Historyonics, Funday Sunnies and Exploded View. There’s a couple of other books I’m hoping to have together by then, but I don’t know yet if they’ll be ready in time. I’ll also have buttons and some mini prints. A Mad Tea-Party #3 and Exploded View are new since last year’s Stumptown.”

Farel Dalrymple

“I am bringing a new 56-page limited edition Pop Gun War comic, Pop Gun War trades, Omega the Unknown trades, some copies of Meathaus and a bunch of original art for sale.”

Jesse Davidge

Davidge: “I’m going to be premiering my new graphic novel, Mathemagick & Mystiphysics featuring The Wandering Stars. The story follows seven mathematicians from various parts of history mysteriously band together to take on problems of a grand and metaphysical nature. The book chronicles their first three adventures in which an abstract artist steals the vanishing point from all of history, the Invisible Hand is logging the Philosophers Forest with his Seven Deadly Sins and the Wandering Stars get caught up in the Great Flatland/Wonderland War!”

Jeffrey Ellis

Ellis: “Cloudscape Comics is pleased to announce the launch of its fourth publication, Exploded View. A science-fiction anthology featuring 25 artists, all current or former residents of Vancouver, Canada, this book showcases the broad range of talent in the comics-artist community. Notable contributors include Camilla d’Errico, who has been making waves with her manga-influenced paintings in and outside of Vancouver, and is the artist for notable titles such as Burn, Tanpopo, and Sky Pirates; Children’s book illustrator Scot Ritchie; Angela Melick, creator of the acclaimed Wasted Talent webcomic; John Christmas, the artist on the recently released Barack the Barbarian; Jonathon Dalton, creator of Lords of Death and Life and A Mad Tea-Party; Edison Yan, whose work can be seen on Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS; Colin Upton, who has been pioneering minicomics in Vancouver since 1985; Local rocker, actor, and illustrator Toren Atkinson; as well as Colleen MacIsaac and Jordyn Bochon, who both contributed to the independent comics anthology You Ain’t No Dancer.

The group includes established artists, underground cartoonists, webcomic creators, animators, illustrators and manga artists all working together to tell meaningful, intelligent stories through the medium of comics. This book represents the Cloudscape Comics collective’s most ambitious project to date, with a huge roster of talented artists and its highest production quality. Motivated by a desire to see their work in print, Cloudscape’s artists are moving ahead without an established publisher or outside funding, raising the money they need exclusively from the artists within the group.”

Theo Ellsworth

Ellsworth: “My newest project won’t be done in time to be printed for the show, but  I’ll be doing a reading of new stuff at my artist’s panel.”

Randy Emberlin

Emberlin: “I have a “Genesis” project called “The Beginning” with the Kingstone Media Group that is getting some attention. The Maryhill Museum of Art in Washington state is doing an exhibit this fall called “Comics at the Crossroads: The Graphic Novel”  and some of the art from that book will be on display along with many other notable NW artists whose work is more political or philosophical, rather than the superhero stuff.”

Alexis E. Fajardo

Fajardo: “I will be debuting the latest book from the Kid Beowulf graphic-novel series, Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland.  I’ll be sketching and signing books through the weekend at the Bowler Hat Comics table. Limited edition Kid Beowulf sculpts will also debut at the show as well, as the new Kid B. iPhone app!”

Jason Fischer

Slaughterhouse #1is a horror comic double feature written by Greg Khmara and illustrated by Jason”J FishFischer. Contains “Head In The Bed™” a parody of a 1950s ad featuring a robotic device that convinces an unloved wife into murdering her husband, and “Ascension,” which portrays a mother whose lack of parenting leads her son to fall in league with the devil.

Fine Literature is a tremendous collection of art, comics and writing from over 20 artists presented in 100 pages.

Jaephisch and the Dark Rainbow is a fantasy/adventure webcomic written by Greg Khmara and illustrated by Jason “J Fish”  Fischer. Chapters one and two collected in a handsome comic-strip sized issue.

Mike Getsiv

Getsiv: “I’ll have copies of my comics Eyeballs, Twentyfourinone and the anthologies Abstract Comics and Pet Project. Also the debut EP from Fun Yeti (Orly Marella- vocals, guitar, Gariet Cowin – lead guitar, Jesse Reklaw – bass, vocals, Mike Getsiv – drums) plus various prints, buttons and T-shirts.”

Matt Grigsby

Grigsby: “I will be continuing the spring release of my new series titled Girls Attack, with the new zero issue and many buttons to go along with it. I will also be debuting two or three new prints that will be available during the show. “

Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet

Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett are a husband-and-wife storytelling team: he’s the illustrator, and she’s the wordsmith. Their most recent work together is the steampunk sensation Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel (Abrams). This profusely illustrated hardcover explores the turn of the 19th/20th century through the adventures of a Victorian robot and its inventor. The Telegraph (UK) called it “ a masterpiece.”  Paul and Anina are also the creators of Heartbreakers, the first female action hero series in comics.

John Isaacson

Isaacson: “[I will be bringing] my graphic novel, Do-It-Yourself Screenprinting published by Microcosm, my concert review minicomic Feedback, my autobiographical comic Pyromania, screenprinted posters and art, A FREE screenprinting demonstration, Gift Certificates for Screenprinting Workshops, comics by my Cartoon Class students and a proposal for my next book, Cartoon Class.”

Ben Jelter

Here are the websites for the content at our table:

Joelle Jones

Jones: “[I will be bringing] 12 Reasons Why I Love Her (Oni Press), Madame Xanadu #s 19 & 20 (DC/Vertigo), Madman Atomic Comics #16 (Image), Token (DC/Minx), You Have Killed Me (Oni Press). Plus, a limited amount of copies of my self-published Seven Deadly Sins sketchbook ($5).”

Mary Karaplis

Karaplis: “I will be bringing my minicomic Tiny Vices and various prints which can be viewed here.

I will also be bringing some tiny fimo handmade heart sculptures.

Leigh Kellog

Kellog: “Jason and I will be bringing with us issues 1 through 6 of our comic Wayfarer’s Moon. I’ll also be selling several different prints as well as copies of my sketchbook. We’ll be offering a special deal at the Stumptown Comics Festival. Buy all 6 issues of Wayfarer’s Moon and get the sketchbook for free.”

Lucy Knisley

Knisley: “I’ll be premiering a new collection of comics this season, called Make Yourself Happy. It’s a selection of my hourly comics, travel journals and lots of other miscellaneous autobiographical work from the last two years.

I’ll also have the old familiar stuff, French Milk, Radiator Days, a whole bunch of poster prints including the Sexytime poster collaboration between myself and Portland comic artist Erika Moen, and my Zombies at the Riviera print, among others. I’m bringing back more copies of my collection of color comics I premiered last year, entitled Pretty Little Book,  and the other 2009 premier, Drawn To You,  the conversation comic between myself and Erika. I’ll also be doing personalized watercolor sketches, book signings, a neat panel with some excellent comic people, and probably bringing along a selection of original artwork and paintings to sell.”

Hope Larson

Larson: “I’ll be promoting my new book, Mercury, at Stumptown (and MoCCA). It comes out April 6th.”

Mike Lawrence

Lawrence: “This year at Stumptown I’ll be bringing the first two issues of my comic The Salamander King as well as various prints. I’ve attached a sample page of Salamander King #2 (without lettering) as well as one of the prints that will be for sale. My blog, is the best website to keep tabs on my work since I haven’t had a chance to update my website yet.”

Tom Lechner

Tom: “I’m planning on having the sequel to Nightlife, my dream comic, also Tales of Inertia #3, and also Volume III of my Consumption political Cartoons.”

Wei Li

Li: “Epidigm Studio is bringing two comic titles and a series of posters and postcards. One of our titles is called Lotus Root Children. Inspired by the documentary called China’s Stolen Children, Lotus Root Children follows the life of a lady who takes care of kidnapped children before they are sold off.

The other title is called Anatta ( In the near future, a technology that allows people to exchange minds between their bodies has emerged. Through the life of Alex Lee, ANATTA explores the identity revolution brought about by the global exchange of minds.

Some examples of our posters and postcards”:

Alec Longstreth


PHASE 7 #015
44 pp., $3

“I put together this issue of Phase 7 using selections from my sketchbooks, dating from 1995-2004. It includes drawings from life, many humorous 1-3 page comics, inking tests, diary comics and much more!

24×7: A Decade of 24-Hour Comics by Alec Longstreth
174 pp., $14

On December 19th, 2001, Alec Longstreth drew his first 24-hour comic. The experience was so amazing for him, that Alec vowed to draw one a year for the rest of his life. 24×7 collects six of Alec’s best 24-hour comics from his first 10 years on the job. The seventh 24-hour comic is the book itself!

I will also have a bunch of back issues of my minicomic Phase 7”.

Ed Luce

“I’ll be officially debuting Wuvable Oaf: Ultimate Sacrifice/Muddy Buddy, a split book starring arch rival bands Ejaculoid and Sphincterine. And I’ll have the full line of Oaf Schwag on hand, including WOs #0 – #2, Special Editions #1 and #2, the semi-elusive Gory Details Vol. 1, shirts, mugs and stickers.”

Kane Lynch

“Stumptown will be the debut of issue 3 of my four-issue comic The Relics. It’s a about three people trying to work through their psychological problems by reconstructing a mysterious ancient machine. Scott McCloud blogged about it after Comic-Con last year and I’m excited to hear feedback about the new ish!

You can read the comic here.”

Sean Lynch

“My website is”

Kip Manley

“I’ll be bringing the first nine issues of City of Roses, a serialized epic in zine form. City of Roses is very firmly set in Portland, Oregon — it’s an urban fantasy mixing magical realism with gonzo noirish prose, where duels are fought in Pioneer Square and union meetings are besieged by ghost bicycles.

It’s the story of Jo Maguire, a highly strung, underemployed telemarketer, and what happens when she meets Ysabel, a princess of unspecified pedigree. Jo rather unexpectedly becomes Ysabel’s guardian and caretaker, and now must make her way through the strange subculture of Ysabel’s decidedly odd family and friends (which involves rather more swordplay than she’s used to) — while Ysabel must now deal with a diet of frozen pizza and a job that requires her to call strangers on the phone and ask them how satisfied they are with their banks.”

The entire story’s also available for free online. The Table of Contents is here.

The zine-sized chapbooks may be previewed (and ordered) here.”

Jed McGowan

I’ll have a preview of my new graphic novel Lone Pine, copies of the books Ritual of the Savage and Cookie Duster, a new minicomic, screen prints and intaglio prints.”

Erika Moen

I’m hoping that I will be debuting DAR! Vol. 2 (though if I still have not received my books then I’ll just have my preview copy on display and take pre-orders). It is the final installment of the DAR! series, plus a bunch of never-before-seen strips that I made specifically for the book. Between the first and second volumes, DAR! is a six-year-long autobiography comic that humorously chronicles my evolution as a lesbian who then falls in love with a man and what that entails, not just for my personal identity, but how others treat me as well. Along the way there are many dick and fart jokes.

Here’s the cover of Volume 2.

And of course I will have plenty of Volume Ones with me, no question. The cover can be found here.

As well as copies of Drawn to You, which is a collaborative comic that Lucy Knisley and I did together over the Internet. In Chicago, she would send me half a page and then I, in Portland, would finish the page and send it back to her. We did this over the course of six months and the end result is a conversation on paper about sex, gender, comics and making art. Here is the cover image.

I will also have many more minicomics and prints on hand with me.”

Bill Mudron

My name is Bill Mudron, and I’ll be exhibiting at the Stumptown Comics Fest next month (I’ll probably be adjacent to Portland’s Periscope Studio and Carla Speed McNeil’s tables). I’m a videogame and pop culture-oriented cartoonist and illustrator, and I’ll be debuting the first chapter of a self-published graphic novel about the history of the Nintendo company at Stumptown, alongside a bunch of geek-centric art prints and whatnot.

Tom Neely

Neely: “I’ll have Books, Prints, Art, and whatever else I can manage to haul up there. Books: The Blot, Brilliantly Ham-fisted, Your Disease Spread Quick, Self Indulgence, and the brand-new Neely Covers Comics to Give You the Creeps! And if all goes well at the printers, Joe Biel of Microcosm and I will be debuting the Henry and Glenn Forever book published by Joe’s Cantankerous Titles. Prints: various silkscreen, letterpress, and giclee prints including some recent tour posters I’ve done for some bands. Probably some T-shirts and other stuff that I’m forgetting. And I’ll have original art on display in two group shows at The Pony Club Gallery and The Sequential Art Gallery.”

Terri Nelson

“The majority of my table will be for Meen Comics By Trixie Biltmore, a twice-weekly semi-autobiographical webcomic which can be found at I will have several minis, magnets, flyers, and prints under my own name as well.”

Natalie Nourigat

“What I am most excited to bring to Stumptown are the four new minicomics that I completed this spring:

1. A sampler of my autobiographical webcomic Between Gears. 2. The first chapter of Over the Surface, the new comic I am making for my senior thesis

3. A 2009 – 2010 sketchbook

4. One of my first color comics, written by J. Kingman, called The Legend of Larsha: Swings & Slides

I will also have two new prints and five new button designs.”

Sarah Oleksyk

“I will be bringing my latest and final chapter of my graphic novel, Ivy, which will be offered individually, as well as in a special slipcased set of all five chapters (the complete book). I’ll also have a new Portland-based silkscreen print as well as my old standbys.”

Jason Overby

“People can download a full pdf of Jessica at:

Solipsist’s Doodles is at:

There’s a preview of Exploding Head Man at:

and one of the Yoko Ono mini at:

I’m representing the blog ( I share with Blaise Larmee, Austin English, Sam Gaskin, and Jesse McManus.”

Jason Zachary Pott

“NEOtrash Comix is debuting their second issue of The Brass Knuckle Rituals #0.2. We will also have the first issue of The Brass Knuckle Rituals #0.1, as well as, a sketchbook for The Brass Knuckle Rituals #1. We will also have our graphic novel, Concerned, returning once again after the great success we’ve had with it at past Stumptown shows — it’s in it’s third printing.”

Liz Prince

Will You Still Love Me if I Wet the Bed? and Delayed Replays T-shirts; ?I Was a Teenage Comic Nerd ; Four Squares #1; ?Delayed Replays #3 (minicomic version); ?Duddits; Fluff Boy. ??New:? Four Squares #2 (journal comics for the month of February with Maris Wicks, Joe Quinones, and Tim Finn); a collection of longer comics called I Swallowed the Key to my Heart.”

Profanity Hill


featuring the work of:

Chris Cilla
Austin English
Jesse McManus
Jason T. Miles
Tony Remple
Ron Rege Jr.
Matthew Thurber
Nico Vassilakis
Ajax Wood

and more!

by Kelly Froh

Sadist Science Teacher
The Former Room-Mates Of Gary Jones
The Greatest
Stew Brew #4

by Max Clotfelter and Kelly Froh

Wet Paint #2

featuring the work of:

Chris Cilla
Max Clotfelter
Adam Grano
Jason T. Miles
Josh Simmons

and more!

Also Max Clotfelter, Jason T. Miles and Tony Remple may have some solo books to debut but as of press time they don’t have their act together.

Reid Psaltis

“My website has previews of my comics, all of which will be available at Stumptown.”

Jamie S. Rich

“The main thing I’ll be pushing at Stumptown is my new book Spell Checkers, which will be coming out that same week via Oni Press. I’ll be setting up at the show with the book’s artists, Joëlle Jones and Nicolas Hitori de. It will be Nico’s first time in America, he lives in France. I will be updating people on my blog at as the con approaches, and people can also follow Nico at ”

Adam Rosenlund

“Well, for the convention I’m planning on bringing a preview book for my collaborator Ethan Ede and my online comic, Light Years Away, which is a science-fiction epic set on a prison colony. We’re using it to promote our Web presence for the first time at a convention. Before, we mostly spent our time talking with editors and pitching projects directly. This is the first con we’ve been to since launching our webcomics, so we’re trying to bring word of it to comic fans directly. A lot of the projects we are working on are a bit of a hard sell to the direct market publishing world, but are well suited for a serialized Web format, so we launched our webcomics initiative in the fall of last year. To help promote it, we’ll also be selling posters, prints, an assortment of minicomics and some chop books featuring our other main comic, Fat Baby.??We’re very excited to share our work with a group of people that may not yet know of us yet. You can find more information about us and follow the comics at, and follow Fat Baby at”

Jeremy Sawatsky

“I will be bringing three (3) books for sale: a collection of fairy tales, Great Big Tales; a children’s book illustrated by me and written by San Bell, Robot Rowboat Club; and a collection from my webcomic, Purple Soul Volume 0. I will also have a couple of button designs from Purple Soul.”

Joey Sayers

“I’ll be bringing copies of  Just So You Know #2 , the latest issue of my autobiographical comic. I’ll have copies of #1 for those who haven’t picked it up yet. I’ll also have copies of Papercutter #12 (Tugboat Press) which has my story “ Pet Cat.”

Neal Skorpen

“I will be at a table with writer Peter Gelman, selling issues 1-8 of Island of the Moths, an alternate 19th century drama/horror/political satire that Peter writes and I illustrate. See

I will also be selling copies of the rulebook from my webcomic, The Introvert Manifesto; see

The rulebook is not a collection of strips, but rather an invention of the characters, similar to the book within The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. See for more information.

In addition to exhibiting, I am also coordinating the educational workshops for the Stunptown Comics Fest. Our lineup will include presentations by Aaron Diaz of Dresden Kodak, the artists of Tranquility Base, graphic-novel educators from the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA), and others. I myself will be putting on an Instant Graphic Novel workshop, in which each participant draws a single page and we generate a complete comic story in under two hours.”

Ian Smith

“Tyson and I will be bringing our latest graphic novel Dream Maiden Megan to the con, as well as our large backlog of Oddjob comics, the Emily, and the Intergalactic Lemonade Stand graphic novel, rare minicomics from the zine era, and our first series The Odd Adventure-Zine.

Also, Ian Smith will be debuting his new collection of short stores called Robots Tell Lies. It’s filled with strange tales presented to elicit mild to extreme amusement.

A few in-development series will be behind the counter, including an animation pilot we’ve been working on. So be sure to ask!”

Aron Nels Steinke

Neptune published by Sparkplug Comic Books; ?Papercutter 9 published by Tugboat Press; ?Big Plans 1-4?; The Super Crazy Cat Dance. ?I will also have a Stumptown exclusive minicomic available as well.??”

Denise Stephens

“Created by a small group of Crumb enthusiasts, Keep On Truckin’ Apparel is? an official licensee of R. Crumb. We worked under the review of Robert’s ?management team to create T-shirt collections featuring artwork that spans ?Crumb’s long career. We currently offer over 50 designs with 50 more being ?introduced over the next couple of months, so stay tuned.?? Our T-shirts are printed using the latest technology on first quality 100%? cotton pre-shrunk T’s , deserving of the imagery of Crumb. We also offer? organic cotton as well as lush organic cotton/bamboo blend T-shirts ?available at a slightly higher price point.??”

Jeff Stone (Team Atrox)

“At this year’s Stumptown Team Atrox will have a brand-new, full-color ?minicomic, collecting a sampling of our sculpted-format Atrox comics.?We’ll also be selling some of the sculpted characters that were used in?the strip. Also, Leslie Levings will have dozens of her polymer clay ?Beastlies for sale, along with various Beastlies-related merchandise.”


Storm: “ I am very excited to be attending Stumptown for the second time this year after being completely impressed by the friendly reception I received at last year’s event! I made lifelong connections with many creators and am looking forward to congenial Portland hospitality! I’m happy to share that I will be offering copies of my minicomic Princess Witch Boy alongside the wares of my fellow Writers Old Fashioned members Stephenny Godfrey, Greg Hinkle and Jason McNamara!”

Raina Telgemeier

“Stumptown will see the West Coast premiere of my new book, Smile.”

Monica Toth

C. Spike Trotman

“I’ll be bringing all the current print editions of my webcomic  Templar, Arizona.

Book 1: The Great Outdoors

Book 2: The Mob Goes Wild

Book 3: A Stick to Beat the Devil With

Book 4: Trouble Every Day

Templar is an alternate history slice-of-life story about a fictional city and the strange people who live there, starring a runaway named Ben.

I also hope to have preview pages of Poorcraft, the cartoon guide to frugal living, I’m currently writing and Diana Nock is illustrating. Poorcraft is a project funded entirely by a Kickstarter pre-order project, and is the most popular comic project in Kickstarter history. People will be able to come by and see how the project’s coming along! ”

David Walker

“I will have copies of my new book, BadAzz MoFo’s Book of BLAXPLOITATION Vol. 1, a collection of reviews from the pages of my magazine BadAzz MoFo. I’ll also have a preview of my new comic book, Number 13, by myself and artist Robert Love, due out later this year. Plus there will be copies of various comics projects I’ve been involved with over the years. I’m also offering free advice on how to be a struggling writer that flirts with success, while simultaneously languishing in obscurity.”

Malachi Ward

“I’m not sure how you want these formatted, but here are two Web-ready images. The first is a page from “ The Beasts of Kay-7”  A new comic to debut at Stumptown, and the second image is the cover of “ Utu”  my first comic. ”

Adam Watson

“I will be bringing copies of: Chronicles of Van Helsing Chapter 1, Ghost Assassin: Prelude and Origin, The Pauper: Rough Cut and the Darkslinger Comics sketchbook Vols. 1-4. In addition, I will have posters related to all of the above comics as well as the upcoming Diary of a Dead Man and The Principalities.”

Aaron Whitaker

“My autobiographical minicomic series The Awkward Quarterly is  premiering at Stumptown. The first two issues are titled “Issue 1: Teenage Ruckus”  and “ Issue 2: Starving Artist.” Batcave Beach is a serialized full-color comic debuting at Stumptown.  I wrote it and Melinda Boyce (who I’m sharing a booth with) illustrated it.  I’m very excited about the project.  Her work is quite outstanding!  Her website is”

James Michael Williams

“Comic books I am bringing to the convention: the titles of the books are  Book 1, Drive In, The Journey of Quetzalcoatlus, White Male Neurosis. I am also bringing posters of original artwork, and DVDs with all of my animated projects.”

John C. Worsley

“I’ll be bringing my 148 b&w trade paperback Painkillers: A Myth of Modern Medicine — and some potential spontaneous mini collaborations with Star St Germain, my tabling partner.”

Sophie Yanow

“I’ll be debuting my new self-published comic, VSNQST. It’s going to be? 40 full-color pages, with a deluxe edition with hand printed french?flaps! ??In VSNQST, Beth returns to her hometown to find her childhood friend? Mose obsessed with a hypnotic online videogame. When Mose disappears?into the nearby woods, Beth follows a trail of data that leads her to?discover a bizarre indigenous hipster techno-tribe and her friend?caught in its Web!”

You can see a couple preview pages here.

Justin Zimmerman

“We’ll be bringing The Killing Jar issues 1 – 3, the 2009 Annual and debuting our first TPB.???The Killing Jar Facebook fan page:

all images ©2010 their respective owners

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by ARosenlund: On The Comics Journal: Write up about what we’re doing at Stumptown next week

  2. […] a nice roundup of what to expect at this year’s festival.   Hit me up on Twitter (@slyoyster) if you’re planning on […]

  3. […] RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginThe Comics Journal has a great preview of this weekend’s Stumptown Comics Fest, where in they cajole nearly every exhibitor to […]