Survey of Aacks (With Post-Aack Analysis)

Posted by on August 19th, 2010 at 1:38 PM

You’ll miss them when they’re gone.

All aacks from Reflections, the Cathy fifteenth anniversary collection.

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4 Responses to “Survey of Aacks (With Post-Aack Analysis)”

  1. R Thompson says:

    I just LOOk at a pie chart and I gain 5 pounds.

  2. […] attack: Shaenon Garrity surveys the usage of Aacks in Cathy for The Comics Journal. There are pie […]

  3. Andrew Farago says:

    Bravo, Richard.

  4. […] was talking about Cathy with my mom (I had sent her Shaennon Garriety’s Survey of Aacks because I thought she’d get a kick out of it) and she said she always related to […]