Posted by on January 3rd, 2011 at 12:59 PM

Today marks the grand opening of the new TCJ sister-blog, The Panelists, featuring Charles Hatfield and Craig Fischer (from Thought Balloonists), Isaac Cates (from Satisfactory Comics), Derik Badman (from Madinkbeard), and Alex Boney and myself (from guttergeek, late of TCJ). We will also have guest bloggers, interviews and random cameos throughout the year, but to start things off and to celebrate the cornball cleverness of our name, we are going to be trading around a half dozen panels for some close readings of various kinds and persuasions. We also have a good old fashioned contest with a really awesome prize, so head on over by clicking the image below (or the one in the upper-righthand corner of the TCJ homepage).

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