Three by Arnold Roth

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Below you’ll find three panels taken from the first installment of Arnold Roth’s “An Illustrated History of Sex,” published by Playboy in its December 1973 issue. I think the art is great and the writing is poor, especially because of the cloddish sexual humor found so often in early 1970s media. Sorry I couldn’t do the whole piece, but that would have meant a panel-by-panel scan.

As you’ll see, the first panel is premised on the idea that dinosaurs fought instead of having sex, the second is a pun on “age” and the third has something to do with getting high.

© 1973 Playboy

© 1973 Playboy

© 1973 Playboy

Daily proverb. When hope stubs its toe, delusion provides the bandage!

Stan says. The Vampire Lord teaches “The Art of Dying” in Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu #4!

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4 Responses to “Three by Arnold Roth”

  1. R.C. Harvey says:

    Arnie Roth told me one time several years ago that Playboy still has in inventory several more installments in the History of Sex. And I haven’t seen anything since he told me that to suggest any of that inventory has been used up.

  2. The end of your description should read: and the third has something to with “getting high”.

  3. with “do’ added.

  4. Tom Crippen says:

    R.C., I hope they get the stuff out there.

    Peter, that’s opinion (with “your” added).