Three by Three

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Hey, Merry Christmas. We’ve got three color pieces this week, all from the June 1969 issue of Playboy. The first illustrates a travel article by Robert Morley, who stands at center stage. The artist’s signature, even in complete form, is unreadable by me. Charles Braci? Google reveals nothing. (update, It’s Charles Bragg. Thanks to Guy Davis for the i.d. and this link. The page at the other end tells us that Mr. Bragg is “one of the keenest observers of contemporary times.” It also has a great deal of Mr. Bragg’s work.)

© 1969 HMH Publishing Co. Inc.

Now a Gahan Wilson full-pager with this caption: “We may already be too late, Mr. Parker.”

© 1969 HMH Publishing Co. Inc.

And a ffolkes full-pager. I love him in Punch, but his Playboy stuff (I think he was a monthly contributor) is afflicted by a cloddish brand of sexual humor that I find depressing. For that reason I usually leave out his work, but a bat-winged flying vessel of this grandeur calls for special consideration.

Caption: “Now I understand, Professor Kirkbright — you never intended to blast off!” That’s stupid.

© 1969 HMH Publishing Co. Inc.

Daily proverb. Merry Christmas again!

Stan says. “A Gun for a Dinosaur!” L. Sprague de Camp’s epic tale – In Worlds Unknown #2!

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One Response to “Three by Three”

  1. Guy Davis says:

    Happy Holidays! The first painting of Robert Morley is by the amazing Charles Bragg~