Three by Three

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From June 1969 we have Charles Rodriques, Brad Holland and Lee Lorenz. The Rodriques has his typical nastiness but without his usual grossout factor, the Holland is as lovely and enigmatic as a French starlet, the Lorenz is more blatantly political than one might find in his New Yorker work.

Don’t look too long at the Holland, you’ll start wondering if the breasts are eyes. Actually, I guess it’s pretty clear that they are.

© 1969 HMH Publishing Co. Inc.

© 1969 HMH Publishing Co. Inc.

© 1969 HMH Publishing Co. Inc.

Daily proverb. No one cares should care about Firesign Theatre anymore. (update, Edit done in honor of Aaron White.)

Stan says. War Is Hell! Believe it -– read it today!

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2 Responses to “Three by Three”

  1. Aaron White says:

    Actually the other day I was listening to Boom Dot Bust and thinking about what a marvel of world-building it was.

  2. Aaron White says:

    And I’ve always wondered if Lorenz identified more with his nebbishes or his big hairy brutish lugs.