Three More by Arnold Roth

Posted by on January 7th, 2011 at 9:12 AM

On Monday I posted three panels from the opening installment of Arnold Roth’s “An Illustrated History of Sex,” published by Playboy in its December 1973 issue. Here are three more. I think the second panel drives home that a first-rate artist may not be much of a writer. So does the first panel. On the other hand, I like the bowling alley joke in the third.

Sorry not to give you guys the whole feature, but scanning these panels is delicate, demanding work that interests me not at all.

© 1973 Playboy

© 1973 Playboy

© 1973 Playboy

Daily proverb. If it makes me laugh, does it make you think?

Stan says. Iron Man faces the menace of the Modok Machine in ish #75!

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