Two Penguins and Don Martin

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I’m nostalgic for Penguin paperbacks of the 1950s because my parents had them around the house when I was a boy. I read enough of the Penguins for my attachment to develop a bit of depth, but the look is still what I care about most: the heavily serifed typeface, the woebegone single quotes, the yellow paper and the uniform orange covers.

And here we have a specimen from 1959:

And here, in a daring break, is a maroon number from the special “Classics” line. Don’t be alarmed by the “Chehov.” It’s not a typo, just an eccentric transliteration:

There’s no credit for the illustrator, but similarities of style mark a clear suspect:

The Don Martin was published in 1963 and features Fester and Karbunkle in “National Gorilla-Suit Day,” among other adventures. Something that surprised me: The title page says Martin had a co-writer, a man named E. Solomon Rosenblum. I had never heard of Rosenblum, but Paul Herden did and he discusses him a bit in this thread.

Did Rosenblum also help on The Memoirs of Hadrian or any of the Chekhov plays? There’s no formal credit, but the matter warrants exploration.

To conclude:

Daily proverb. If you think you’re the only guy she smiles at, you deserve to suffer.

Stan says. The Black Widow – Captain Marvel – and Daredevil makes three!

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