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As readers of The Great Comic Book Heroes know, Jules Feiffer sees childhood as a great chance to get shafted. You’re small, you don’t have any comebacks, and every adult in sight thinks they can lie to you and talk to you as if you were an idiot and a jerk.

The kid below isn’t the usual hero of Clifford, just a younger and smaller buddy of the title character. As such he’s better suited to acting out the part of child as ultimate low man on the world’s totem pole.

A key difference with more developed Feiffer: the adults seen here aren’t out to grind the little fellow down. They’re just oblivious, and that’s because they’re big and he’s small. The strip’s kicker indicates that all of us, children and adults, fall prey to the same shortcoming of vision, all of us take part in the blind merry-go-round of self-centered existence, and so on. The Feiffer of the Heroes intro, and of Sick, Sick, Sick, is a lot less philosophical and a lot more pissed. But then, aside from all other factors, he wasn’t writing for kids.

I really like the progression in the first four panels, and the whole strip packs in a lot quite neatly: kid’s existential situation illustrated, dog encountered and befriended, second dog encountered and ignored.

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  1. WLLilly says:

    …I had that past Vol. 2?? of The Complete Feiffer , from Fanta isself , that contained all of CLIFFORD…seeing this makes me think , once again , that a complete , color , Clifford ( as with Rip van Winkle on the screen , but , anyhow ) would be niccee…And how about those Spirit TRAILERS on the bottom ?
    Yowza !!!!!!!!!!!
    ” Zip !!!!!!!!! “