We Have a Gang of Dinosaurs to Kill

Posted by on February 12th, 2010 at 6:26 PM

My husband Andrew had an idea for writing the Wonder Woman comic.  He said, “Give a nine-year-old girl a Wonder Woman doll to play with, and write stories based on the stories that girl makes up.”

Andrew only thinks this is a charming idea because he was never a nine-year-old girl.  He doesn’t realize it would mostly result in stories where Wonder Woman becomes a professional stripper, beats the shit out of some ponies, then retires to bed in a shoebox with Ken lying perfectly still on top of her.

Still, along these general lines, Axe Cop is pretty great.

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One Response to “We Have a Gang of Dinosaurs to Kill”

  1. Kristy Valenti says:

    Or the 1977 Japanese film House, which was based on a story by the director’s 11-year-old daughter.