Zombie Time Some More

Posted by on September 24th, 2010 at 8:03 AM

Scary Gary and Zits were not the only comic strips to plunge into the undead waters last year about this time, when it became apparent that the Youth of America had lost its brains to zombies. Dana Summers visited the topic several times in his Bound and Gagged before finally letting it go.

One of the better forays into zombie jungles was Tim Rickard’s in Brewster Rockit.

Here, the jokes fit the cast: Brewster is renowned for his pure witlessness, so any self-respecting zombie in search of brains will, ipso facto, pass Brewster by in an off-world minute.

The search for brains, however, is not, in Brewster’s world, confined to the humanoid types: even robots can be undead it seems. (Sorry about the smudge; it was in my newspaper source.)

And Summers is back for our finale on the subject.

The only thing more tedious these days than zombies, reality tv, Sarah Livingston Palin, and the Giant Obstructionist Pachyderm is the fashion fad of jeans with raggedly cuffs and artfully located and frayed holes.

Only the most well off financially among us make such fashion statements; the rest of us hoi poloi wear clothing that helps us pretend we are employed with good paying jobs.

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