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To best ensure that we are able to fully consider your comment, complaint, or inquiry, please contact the correct member of the TCJ staff.

Managing Editor
dean “at” tcj “dot” com

Assistant Editor
kristy “at” tcj “dot” com

silvie “at” fantagraphics “dot” com

For subscription inquiries and requests, please email us at

The Comics Journal offices are located in the Fantagraphics Books building in northern Seattle, Washington, USA. Contact information is:

7563 Lake City Way NE
Seattle WA, 98115
206-524-1967 (phone)
206-524-2104 (fax)

All of the writers in the Journal masthead may have mail forwarded to them by enclosing an envelope with name and appropriate postage within an envelope addressed to the Managing Editor. We have no desire to pick up the cost of additional postage. We also reserve the right not to forward material at our discretion — including a large and continued number of mailings to one writer, mass mailings to all the writers, and anything we might deem inappropriate.

Correspondents without e-mail access will as a standard practice not have hard copies of e-mail forwarded to them via the Journal‘s e-mail account. We just don’t have the time. Sorry.

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