Kuttner’s Cosmos

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In “No Greater Love”‘ the “hero” (one Lawyer Denworth) accidently acquires a love amulet: unquestionably bona fide, since it is claimed by one Turzee, an emissary of Oberon himself. Denworth not only refuses, but demands from Fairyland’s emissary certain favors. One is the mental destruction of his wife, who has injured the beak’s pride unpardonably. This service Turzee executes, by abducting the woman with an excursion “under the hill”. This, Turzee describes with dark, elliptical eloquence, that summons for this reader certain beautiful, troubling, Victorian minor poets.

At just this point, it might avail the causes of both accuracy and diplomacy, to mention that Catherine L. Moore (Kuttner’s wife, and, herself, a most popular and productive sci-fi author) hass been cited by him as longtime creative partner, and editor. Their partnership, I have small doubt, can be discerned in the eventual broadening and maturing of Kuttner’s art: as it considers the terrain of presentday California, and its Hispanic population.

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  1. Bhob says:

    One hardly sees Thorne Smith mentioned any more except when the film of Topper plays on television. But he was one of the great humorists of the 20th Century.

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