“Always They Pick on Me!”

Posted by on August 27th, 2010 at 9:12 AM

A fourth installment of Clifford, this one from March 5, 1950. Dig the angry monologue! There’s even an example of the repetition that would become a Feiffer hallmark: the this monitor, the that monitor.

Like the first of the Clifford installments posted here, we see our hero screwing up the adults by overdoing what the adults want him to do. The other time he wasn’t stewing and rebellious, as he is here, and he didn’t get in trouble, as he does here. So possibly we’re embarked on a countdown to classic Feiffer, the great ’50s and ’60s chronicler of neuroticism. This strip came out just two weeks after the other, so Feiffer may well have had something churning away at the back of his head.

On that note, I would argue that the subject of this particular strip is Clifford’s state of mind. There’s a hint that, despite what he tells himself, he isn’t singled out. After all, the nice lady teacher asks Orville to open the window. Anyway, the strip’s kicker isn’t just that he gets in trouble; it’s that, because he got in trouble, he is now stewing even harder. He’s in the same situation as so many poor bastards found in classic Feiffer: His brain is stuck.

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